HP TouchSmart 15-f010wm Review

December 12, 2014
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Want a Windows 8 laptop with a touch display? Easy, there are lots to choose from. Perhaps even too much – market is full of new laptops that all should be better than the others. So which one to pick? In this review, we’ll focus on HP TouchSmart 15-f010wm and tell if it would be suitable for your needs.

The performance

HP TouchSmart 15-f010wm is a Celeron-based laptop. That basically leaves out all the gamers and heavyweight users who should be looking for more expensive laptops anyway. The Intel Celeron N2830 CPU (two cores, 2.2GHz base speed, 2.4GHz burst frequency) is adequate for everyday computing including Office tasks, Internet browsing and watching videos on YouTube.

The laptop features 4GB DDR3L RAM. There’s one memory slot in total which supports up to 8GB memory. If you want the maximum memory, replacing the old 4GB chip would have to happen.

Storage drive in HP TouchSmart 15-f010wm is a 500GB 5400RPM hard drive. The space and speed are nothing spectacular, probably still fine for users who tend not to store lots of big files on their computers. Such a drive can anyway host small files, like mp3s and jpeg photos, in tens of thousands.

How are its screen and graphics?

The touch screen is 15.6 inches big and comes with a 1366×768 resolution. Yep, it’s far from Full HD, but depending on your preferences can be perfectly fine. For example, I don’t mind having 1366×768 resolution on a screen this small – but your mileage may indeed vary.

The gaming capabilities are limited by the Intel HD Graphics (Bay Trail) chip. Lightweight games like LoL and Minecraft should have around 20 FPS if you keep resolution and settings at minimum. However, you can say goodbye to demanding titles like the Battlefields, Watch Dogs and Thief, whose frame rates would constantly be far below 20 even with all eye candy turned off.


The Internet connectivity of HP TouchSmart 15-f010wm means a 10/100Mbps LAN port and a regular WiFi adapter without Bluetooth support.

There’s one basic USB 2.0 and two faster USB 3.0 ports available. Many times only one USB 3.0 is installed on budget laptops so this HP has a small advantage over the others.

Using external monitor – like HDTV – is possible through the laptop’s HDMI output port.

Like all HP 15 inchers, also this model comes with a DVD burner and SD memory card reader. Likewise, it features a front-facing VGA (640×480) webcam and a digital microphone.

Other noteworthy things

HP TouchSmart 15-f010wm weighs 5.5 pounds, about the same than its touchscreen competitors. The 3-cell 31WHr battery shouldn’t give too great a running time – probably 4 hours at best.

Operating system is Windows 8.1 64-bit version.

For quick number access, the non-backlit keyboard has a 10-key numeric pad located on right.

As most new HPs I’ve seen, also this model offers free 30 days for McAfee LiveSafe program. There’s also other, perhaps unnecessary software installed which you might want to delete.


HP TouchSmart 15-f010wm is a budget laptop suitable for everyday computing. For lightweight use, the Celeron processor is indeed perfectly fine, and many will also enjoy using Windows 8 on a touchscreen. The biggest culprit would naturally be lack of gaming performance with only some low-end titles working on this HP. So if you’re not too keen on gaming, for the price it’s currently selling the HP is an alright choice for home and office use.

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