HP Slimline 410-030 Desktop Review

November 27, 2015
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A desktop for home or office, is that what you need? HP Slimline 410-030 seems to be a good choice for that job. There is i7 processor and 8GB RAM included, sufficient for any use, even for professionals. But these manufacturer-picked highlights always look good, perhaps there’s something the company didn’t bother to reveal because it would put the computer in a bad light…

Are there performance issues?

Considering the Intel Core i7-4790T is i7 (Intel’s premium processor), has four cores and clock speed of 2.7GHz with 3.9GHz turbo, I don’t think there would be any performance issues. The Core i7-4790T receives a really high CPU Mark score, 9000, which beats 95% processors out there. And considering the price of this whole desktop is affordable I can’t really complain about processing power.

Perhaps I can complain about other aspects such as the RAM? Well, the system comes with one 8GB DDR3-type stick installed which is a lot. So nope, can’t whine here, either. And remember, there are two memory slots inside so you can easily upgrade the RAM to 16GB if you feel the need.

The hard drive 1TB 7200RPM would be good if you store enormous files on your computer, but for performance it’s not the best – SSDs are. There seems to be one free SATA port inside, although there are no free 3.5″ bays available. One possibility to add a solid-state drive would be the M-keyed M.2 socket on the mainboard.

How’s gaming?

It’s one thing this desktop is lacking and that’s dedicated graphics card. Currently there’s just the older Intel HD 4600 chip integrated to the processor, which means a lot of eye candy has to be turned off to get smooth FPS. Taking Grand Theft Auto 5 as an example, you’d receive around 30 frames per second using normal settings and 720p resolution. That probably works for casual gamers, but avid players wouldn’t be happy.

The motherboard has one PCI-E (gen 2) x16 socket, but it seems to be taken by the WiFi card. Anyway, if you’re going to replace that with a dedicated graphics card, remember the case is small and PSU only 180W so you need a low-profile graphics unit.

Connections and ports

The computer features six USB ports in total, although all USB 3.0s (two) are in the back. The back panel also houses VGA and HDMI outputs, thus a dual-display setup would work here.

You can use wireless networks, there’s a 802.11b/g/n WiFi card installed (however Bluetooth seems to be missing). Also network cables can be used, a 1000Mbps RJ-45 jack is located in the back.

The desktop comes with a DVD burner. A memory card slot is available in the front as well, it accepts SD(HC/XC) and MS type cards.

Something else to keep in mind?

As usually, this HP doesn’t ship with a monitor, remember to get one separately. USB keyboard and optical mouse are included.

Windows 10 Home (64-bit) is the operating system.


I said in the beginning HP Slimline 410-030 is good for home (= lightweight) use, but to be honest the desktop is sufficient for more than that. The Core i7 processor beats most competitors in this price category and the CPU Mark score it receives is just golden. The hard drive can be swapped for a solid-state drive (or M.2 one can be added), but otherwise the expandability is limited because of the 180W power supply and small form factor. Anyway, as somebody put it, if you’re in market for a decent i7 desktop, this HP would be a damn good choice thanks to its great price/performance ratio.

3 thoughts on “HP Slimline 410-030 Desktop Review

    1. Tech For Pennies Post author

      So you want to upgrade the power supply on this? Should be possible, but you need a small form factor PSU because the case isn’t that big.

  1. Matt McM

    I believe you need a TFX (thin form factor) PSU (power supply) to fit this case.


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