HP Pavilion Notebook 15-ak030nr Review

February 26, 2016
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Take a look at the price tag of HP Pavilion Notebook 15-ak030nr, what do you see? Not a very cheap price. So you could expect some nice performance from this unit, eh? Well, there is Core i5 processor powering the system which is justified considering what you have to pay. In addition, there are couple other things that would make this system desirable. So, let me tell you more about its goods and bads below!

Does it make a good casual user laptop?

HP Pavilion Notebook 15-ak030nr is quite a powerful for a notebook, for example it has a 6th generation (= as of the beginning of 2016, the latest) processor called Intel Core i5-6200U running the show. The vital specs are two cores, 2.3GHz clock speed and a turbo boost of 2.8GHz. There’s much more performance in it than on a regular Celeron or Pentium, or what do you think about the CPU Mark score of ~3900? Those lesser processors get 1000-2000 in the same test.

One of the features that gets mixed feelings is the hard drive. The good side is, it’s very big 1024GB which equals to hundreds of DVD-quality movies, for example. On the other hand, it’s not too fast a component – the spindle speed is5400RPM. What this means in practice? Well, you won’t see those quick boot-up times of a solid-state drive. But all hope is certainly not lost, because you can remove the HDD and put in SSD if you wish.

For memory, the notebook offers 8GB RAM. No multitasking or complex application should be too much for that. To me, it looks the distribution is two 4GB sticks, which means the most memory for this system would be 16GB.

Is there a reason for gamers to get it?

HP Pavilion Notebook 15-ak030nr might work for players. It has a real graphics engine called GeForce 940M using 2GB dedicated video memory. The GeForce is somewhat better than any processor-integrated unit, however cards like GTX 760M are still much faster. But fear not, you shall play any game here, for example the popular (yet rather heavyweight) GTA 5 would give around 50 frames per second played on medium settings and 1366×768. Not bad for an entry level mobile graphics card!

What connections does the laptop have?

HP Pavilion Notebook 15-ak030nr does not surprise with a great set of ports, but there are enough to get most people going. As an example, HDMI-out is offered as the video port, one can use that to hook up external PC display. USB ports are of course available as well, two are USB 3.0 and one is USB 2.0.

You can use the Wireless adapter (802.11bgn + Bluetooth 4.0) to connect this notebook to Internet. But if you need cable, worry not, there is still a 100Mbps RJ-45 port backing you up.

DVD and CD discs can be operated on this laptop, it has a rewritable DVD drive. The computer is also no stranger to media card readers, there’s SD card slot available on the unit.

A front-facing webcam is included, have a chat or two with your friends if you care about them.

Other noteworthy things

One great feature is not yet brought to your attention: the 15.6″ anti-glare screen. Why is it great? Well, at least the resolution is, it is the 1920×1080. You will have a plenty of screen estate and using two browser windows next to each other is not a problem. Also, it’s an IPS panel with closer to 180 degree viewing angle. Touch is not supported.

The included 4-cell 48Whr battery will be good for around 4 hours (web surfing and similar lightweight work) before you need to plug the laptop in and charge it.

Sadly, the keyboard does not feature backlight.

Operating system is Windows 10 Home (64-bit).


I don’t see why HP Pavilion Notebook 15-ak030nr would be a bad choice if you’re wanting some serious performance for new applications and multitasking. The Core i5 processor can take a lot of beating, and the RAM amount (8GB) is perfect for that heavier use. In addition, casual gamers should like this laptop as well, there’s the dedicated (albeit low-end) GeForce 940M graphics card. Also don’t forget the screen supports Full HD, you can watch videos and play some games on that using the maximum resolution. I don’t see any big blunders with this machine; in fact the HP offers quite good value! Get it if you’re after a solid power user notebook.

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