HP Pavilion 550-077cb Desktop Review

November 11, 2015
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The common problem for desktop buyers is that they tend to need a monitor, too. And most budget desktops don’t include one. You can of course get a screen separately, but for those who want convenience, handy All-in-One systems might come into question. HP Pavilion 550-077cb is such a desktop: it includes a big monitor, keyboard and mouse. But is the high price really justified? Is the computer, after all, just a rip-off?

General performance

It’s pretty old processor in HP Pavilion 550-077cb, that must be said. The Core i7-4790 was released in Summer 2014. But let’s not draw conclusions yet, because the specifications speak for themselves: four cores, 3.6GHz clock speed and a turbo of 4.0GHz. Nice for sure, and even nicer is the CPU Mark score this unit gets: tad over ten thousand. Most desktops, dare I say, are in the range of 6000-7000 these days. You get tons of processing power here, meaning programs lightweight and heavy will be a piece of cake to run.

The memory amount isn’t any worse, you’ll get 12GB DDR3-type RAM here. The maximum is 16GB with two 8GB DIMM sticks, the motherboard has just two memory slots. Hard drive is not that spectacular considering it’s indeed a platter-based drive of 7200RPM spindle speed. Storage itself is still plenty, 1 terabyte, so you’ll hardly ever run out of space. Looking at the specifications, one 3.5″ slot is free so you can slip in another SATA drive if you want.

How good is the screen?

HP Pavilion 550-077cb has a huge display of 27 inches. Resolution is naturally 1920×1080, the minimum acceptable choice for such a large unit. Panel type is IPS which contributes to accurate colors, people working with graphics often value these IPS screens over TN panels. Sadly user reports commenting about the image are not available, but I wouldn’t expect poor quality considering the aforementioned features and price of this whole system.

Can I play games too?

This HP desktop is not really a gaming computer although there is a dedicated graphics card installed. But GeForce GT 730 (2GB DDR3) is not a very strong card so you won’t get outstanding frame rates and high settings simultaneously. For example, you can try GTA 5 on 1080p and normal settings and you’ll see the FPS is around 25 – not really enjoyable in my opinion. However, Minecraft and other older/lighter games, such as League of Legends and WoW will, have higher frame rates.

What connections does the desktop have?

HP Pavilion 550-077cb features two USB 3.0 ports and SD card slot in the front panel. In the rear you’ll find two more USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0. Video ports include HDMI and VGA via dongle.

The easiest way to connect to Internet is the system’s 802.11b/g/n Wireless + Bluetooth card. Also RJ-45 port (with 1000Mbps rate) is there if you’re interested in using cable.

Tray-load DVD burner is accessible from the front panel. Webcam is not available in this computer.

What other things to keep in mind?

HP Pavilion 550-077cb includes a 180W power supply according to manufacturer specifications. If you want to upgrade the graphics card (yes, the system has one PCI-E x16 slot) bear in mind you probably have to upgrade the PSU too.


I said in the beginning that this HP might be expensive. Well, it indeed costs a bit more than your regular desktop, but in exchange you’ll receive a large display and extremely fast processor. This kind of system is easy to set up, and once you start using it you’ll see that everything should work smooth and clean. Also gaming is not a bad idea as long as you don’t try to keep maxed out settings on latest games. Hooking up all the common peripherals is also possible as there are four USB 4.0 ports accommodating your devices. For the money, HP Pavilion 550-077cb certainly seems to offer a lot.

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