HP Pavilion 510-p020 Desktop Review

January 31, 2017
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There is no need to go for a fancy desktop if you really don’t need one. By choosing a less-expensive model you will save money and get a simple computer that is ready for lightweight use. One of the popular desktops for this market is HP Pavilion 510-p020, a stylish unit with Core i5 processor under the hood and a large hard drive providing ample space. The price is not bad, but are the benefits and features? Let’s find out right now!

General performance

HP Pavilion 510-p020 is not the newest model in the shop. So, the components are not latest either. Its processor is Intel Core i5-6400T from the end of 2015, nonetheless sporting a quad-core setup, 2.2GHz clock speed and 2.8GHz turbo. Even in today’s standards those numbers are good, and the chip gets a respectable ~5600 points score in CPU Mark tests. Such a score puts the Core i5-6400T right in the lower mid range of desktop processors. Safe to say, the processor is enough for anyone but the most demanding of folks!

Offered is 8GB DDR4 memory which is just the perfect amount these days. If you have less you can get lag, and more can be just an overkill. So the RAM situation is good here. The maximum RAM seems to be 16 gigabytes and there are two DDR4 UDIMM (288-pin) sockets on the mainboard – both are occupied by 4GB sticks.

The storage drive part isn’t that spectacular. Inside you are going to find the usual 1TB 7200RPM hard drive. The advantage is huge space, disadvantage slow performance. It seems like installing SSD is possible since there’s a slot for that. But as far as I know the motherboard only has two SATA slots and they’re taken by hard and optical drive. So you’ll need to disconnect the optical drive if you want to put in extra HDD or SSD.

Is this good gaming desktop?

You must remember HP Pavilion 510-p020 is quite a budget desktop. So it doesn’t offer extra candy. Graphics card, for example, is not there – just an integrated unit called Intel HD 530. It can take care of many, even all, older games. For example, Counter-Strike: Go should run fine on high details and perhaps even Full HD. Minecraft works too. On the other hand, the situation with new games isn’t good. Triple A titles like Witcher 3 or Doom have too low FPS to call it playable. GTA 5 would spit out ~30FPS on lowest possible settings and resolution.

Bear in mind, the mainboard contains PCI-e x16 slot. It means that adding a graphics card is possible. However, be cautious of the desktop’s small physical dimensions and the power supply wattage 180W.

What ports and connections are there?

The back panel offers some ports for you to “enhance” HP Pavilion 510-p020. Now, there are two outputs you can use to hook up a monitor. Those are VGA and HDMI. Both can be used at the same time – in other words, this computer supports a dual-monitor setup. But heed my advice and always use HDMI primarily, it offers much better image quality!

There are six USB ports to choose from. Two, both USB 2.0, are in the front panel. The rest four (two USB 2.0 and USB 3.0) reside in the back panel. You will use at least two of those for keyboard and mouse.

Do not worry about discs, the desktop comes with a DVD burner. It accepts CDs and DVDs, no BluRays however. As said above, you probably need to unplug the DVD drive from motherboard if you want to install a solid-state drive to this thing.

This computer has a memory card reader. The specifications state it supports SD, SDHC and SDXC formats.

Are there other features and benefits?

A small advantage, the desktop includes keyboard and mouse (both wired, will connect to USB). Monitor is not there and you’ll have to find money for one if you don’t currently have display at hand you can use with this HP.

Operating system is Windows 10 Home, and yes the 64-bit one.


Surely a hungry niche exists for HP Pavilion 510-p020. It’s the people who want, or rather need, a desktop but who don’t require heavy-duty, bleeding edge performance. Enough “oomph” is present for everyday use which includes everything from web browser, text editors, emails to YouTube and Netflix streaming. Trying to play games might work but only if you’re using low settings. You need to pair this with a good monitor, but after that the HP will be a very decent desktop for years to come.

2 thoughts on “HP Pavilion 510-p020 Desktop Review

  1. Maria

    I bought this computer at office depot. The disc drive does not work. I put a CD in and nothing happened. also tried putting in a software disc and nothing. I don’t know if this is a defect or if a need to get drivers.

    1. Tech For Pennies Post author

      Hard to say. Have you asked the customer support?


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