HP Pavilion 500-336 Review

October 17, 2014
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HP Pavilion 500-336 is one of the later desktop models brought to market by HP. It’s not their only new model, and from what I’ve seen these fresh HPs seem quite solid. However, I don’t want to make conclusions too soon. Let’s examine this Pavilion bit more closely below.

The main things

The CPU of HP Pavilion 500-336 is Intel Core i3 4130 at 3.4GHz and two cores. Using it for everyday tasks is piece of cake, and even the power users might be happy with it. The dual-core setup is of course less optimal for multitasking than quad-core (which the other Pavilion has), but for such a true budget desktop this Core i3 processor is a justified choice.

The system has 4 gigabytes of memory installed. It’s rather typical amount for budget desktops and laptops. Installing more is also possible since one free DDR3 socket is available, with the maximum supported memory being 16 gigabytes.

Like with the other HP Pavilion, also this HP Pavilion 500-336 comes with Windows 8 (64-bit version). If you want to escape the present and go back to the good old days of Windows 7, you might want to check this Dell out.

HP Pavilion 500-336 has 1024GB hard drive installed as opposed to 500GB drive of the other model. This might be a deal breaker if you require lots of storage. If you, erm, download lots of multimedia from certain Internet sources to your computer, having extra half a terabyte might be worth it. The drive also runs on 7200RPM which makes it slightly faster than older 5400RPM models.

What’s the case with graphics?

The graphics chip for HP Pavilion 500-336 is Intel HD Graphics 4400. It’s integrated to the processor and as such, offers only suboptimal performance if 3D gaming is a dear hobby of yours. The performance for such heavy stuff is peanuts. Luckily, many older games don’t choke on Intel HD chips. What is more, if you don’t game with your computer, the performance of graphics engine is not important for you at all.

How about connections?

HP Pavilion 500-336 has 6 USB 2.0 ports in the back panel and 2 USB 3.0s’ in the front. The video connections are VGA and DVI-D ports and no HDMI. You can still use HDTVs and such with an adapter or special video cable.

A 7-in-1 media card reader is installed in the front panel along with the aforementioned USB ports and microphone & headphone jacks.

The Pavilion has both WiFi and Ethernet adapters for networking. The Ethernet adapter supports 1000Mbps speeds.

Anything else to consider?

Some merchants say in their technical specifications that HP Pavilion 500-336 doesn’t feature optical drive. That’s not true, this HP indeed has a DVD burner. You can check it out yourself directly from the manufacturer’s page.

USB keyboard and optical mouse are included. For software, there’s Microsoft Office trial pre-installed.

Like the other HP Pavilion, also this model features a mini tower computer case. It’s indeed small in size and finding space for it is not a problem. Expandability however suffers. There are one 5.25″ and one 3.5″ bay in total, and both are already taken by the existing drives.


HP Pavilion 500-336 doesn’t differ so much from other desktops in this price range. It does its job well, and for a home or office such a budget desktop would be excellent fit. However, if you like to game hard, these cheap desktops would be out of question.

What is different from the other HP Pavilion model? That model has faster CPU and graphics chip, and this Pavilion 500-336 has bigger hard drive. The other model is also considerably more expensive. Choose accordingly, and keep in mind that for everyday use this cheaper Pavilion would be all you need.

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