HP Pavilion 27-n110 All-in-One Desktop Review

December 4, 2015
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A convenient All-in-One system is a perfect choice for many home & office users, but what if such a computer costs almost as much as a gaming desktop? HP Pavilion 27-n110 is such an item, with a heavier price tag than a regular desktop’s. So, let’s find out why it’s so expensive in the first place…

General performance

The number one reason for a high price is in the high performance. See, many times these AiO desktops are slow, equipped with Celeron processor and such. But this HP is different. It boasts the Intel Core i5-6400T, a latest 6th Generation model of four cores and 2.2GHz clock speed (with turbo boost, 2.8GHz). There are not many benchmarks available yet, but a very similar model reaches ~6400 points in CPU Mark tests. Lesser CPUs in cheaper All-in-Ones are in the 2000-3000 range, so you’re getting a lot more processing power here.

The memory will be sufficient as well. 8GB DDR3 low-voltage type RAM is installed on a single stick, and as one memory slot is available on mainboard, the most RAM this system supports is 16GB. But the chances are high you’ll never have to upgrade the memory, 8GB is plenty already.

To be honest, not every aspect of this computer is golden. The hard drive, for example, is a 1TB 7200RPM SATA one – so no fast SSD here. But if you’re a tech savvy person, nothing is stopping you from taking out the hard drive and putting in a solid-state drive. As a side note, there is M.2 slot on mainboard but it’s already used by the WiFi adapter.

Is it good for gaming?

I can not truly recommend HP Pavilion 27-n110 for the most avid gamers. The reason is simple, there is only an integrated graphics card Intel HD 530 available. But it’s not a horrible engine, it’s still faster than older models like Intel HD 5500 (~560 vs. ~1100 points in G3D Mark). As a real life example, you will receive ~35 frames per second playing GTA 5 on 720p and low settings. On the other hand, titles like League of Legends will give +50FPS using ultra settings and Full HD.

What devices can be plugged in?

Be it a printer, extra optical drive or better keyboard/mouse you want to hook up, all that is going to work. The desktop is equipped with two USB 2.0 ports in the bottom and four USB 2.0s in the back. You can also connect an extra monitor (or HDTV) to the HDMI output on HP Pavilion 27-n110.

Networking interfaces are just everything you need: LAN RJ-45 port with 1000Mbps support and a dual-band 802.11 AC-type WiFi + Bluetooth 4.0 combo card.

DVD drive is there for reading and writing discs. Also media cards can be operated, the computer features an SD card slot.

Like every All-in-One desktop, also this HP is equipped with a webcam (supports 720p resolution).

Other important things

The computer’s display has 27″ diagonal, touch enabled and 1920×1080 maximum resolution.

Wireless keyboard and mouse are included.

The operating system of this unit is Windows 10 Home (64-bit).

The motherboard does not have any PCI-e ports, so installing a dedicated graphics engine isn’t possible.


I can see why HP Pavilion 27-n110 is expensive compared to other AiO systems: it’s a powerful computer. While other desktops might have problems running heavier applications (such as Adobe family), this HP will run all that without lag thanks to the beefy processor and a plenty of RAM. One thing you can’t do here is serious gaming – casual gaming is still OK – and if you’re after a power user oriented desktop, this HP should be a good choice for you.

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