HP Pavilion 27-n010 Review

September 30, 2015
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Do you want a plug and play style desktop, just get it and connect to power outlet and you’re good to go? In this case, HP Pavilion 27-n010 might be worth a closer look. It includes a big 27 inches screen and neat keyboard and mouse, you don’t need to buy and setup those peripherals separately. But mind you, this unit is also quite an expensive one, so it might be a good idea to carefully think if you really need it… Below, I’ll give you some ideas what such an All-in-One desktop could do for you.

General performance

Processing power in HP Pavilion 27-n010 is average. The processor is Intel Core i5-4460T, a desktop model with the T suffix which translates to power-optimized lifestyle. So the processor won’t use a lot of electricity and will stay cool, but in exchange the raw performance is not excellent. This quad-core 1.9GHz chip (2.7GHz with turbo) gets tad below 5000 points in CPU Mark, not really a great amount considering it’s indeed a Core i5 meant for desktop computers. There are 4th generation i3s that beat this score. But this is not say the CPU sucks here, there’s plenty of power for daily tasks (including Full HD videos). For a full professional environment, however, I’d recommend a bit more powerful processor.

The desktop has one 8GB DDR3L-1600 memory stick installed. There is conveniently one extra slot in the system for upgrade, the maximum memory is 16GB. The hard drive is un-exciting 1TB 7200RPM model – a plenty of space at the expense of performance. But an useful feature, there’s M.2 expansion slot inside, so to bump up the system performance you can put a solid-state drive in without tinkering.

Is it good for gaming?

There is no graphics card with dedicated memory in HP Pavilion 27-n010 – just integrated Intel HD 4600 – so that should tell you roughly how well the system works for gaming. The difference is in the settings level: you can play most games but the latest ones require you to lower the settings. GTA 5, for example, would get ~25 frames per second on medium settings and 720p resolution. It’s better with types like Counter-Strike: Go, you could keep high settings and Full HD resolution and get FPS in the 60 range.

How is the display quality?

The few reviews around the Internet about HP Pavilion 27-n010 say the screen is good on this one. They said colors are great, which I can believe considering the premium price of this item. The 27″ diagonal with 1920×1080 resolution also means there’s a lot of screen estate at your disposal, you’ll have no problems fitting two documents next to each other on the screen. Touch is also supported in case mouse and keyboard are not enough for you.

What devices can I connect?

HP Pavilion 27-n010 features six USB ports, all are located in the back panel. Unfortunately only two of those support the faster USB 3.0 standard while the rest, four, are USB 2.0. Not a biggie but you have to prioritize in case you have many peripherals. In addition to USB devices, you can also connect another monitor – there’s a full-sized HDMI-out in the back panel.

In the back of the display, you’ll find a DVD burner (works for CD and DVD but no BluRay). A true All-in-One, there’s also memory card reader for SD(HC/XC) cards.

There should be quality networking interfaces in this desktop, a Gigabit RJ-45 port and dual-band 802.11ac Wifi + Bluetooth 4.0 card to be precise.

Like a laptop, this unit has a webcam embedded in the display. It supports 720p resolution, good enough for video chats or even recording stuff for YouTube.

Other important things

HP Pavilion 27-n010 comes with a sleek wireless keyboard and mouse, although somebody commented they are flimsy. Operating system is Windows 8.1, but upgrading to Windows 10 for free is possible.


HP Pavilion 27-n010 is quite a pricey piece of electronics, but in exchange it offers some useful things: a beautiful and large 27″ display, neat pointing devices and decent Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM and terabyte hard drive. Programs would certainly run with minimum lag here, but considering the price I would’ve expected a better processor, solid-state drive or some sort of dedicated graphics. As it is, the HP is a good looking and quite a fast computer, but for the price it doesn’t offer excellent value.

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