HP Pavilion 23-q110 Desktop Review

November 20, 2015
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Desktops are either system units or All-in-One solutions. Former are good if you have a monitor already or want a special display. The latter are ideal in case you have no special requirements about monitor, keyboard or mouse – basic versions are all included, you don’t need to buy that stuff separately. HP Pavilion 23-q110 belongs to that lot, but another question is: is it really a worthwhile choice?


The processing power of HP Pavilion 23-q110 can be compared to older Intel Core i3 models – the CPU here is AMD A8-7410, a quad-core 2.2GHz model with turbo boost up to 2.5GHz. Looking at the benchmarks, it gets around 2600 points in CPU Mark test which is exactly the same than those 4th generation Core i3s get. You won’t find this unit an extremely fast bit cruncher, but for everyday computing it’s all you need.

Other main components are rather basic. The system has one 4GB DDR3L memory stick, you can expand the memory to 16GB because there are in total two memory slots. Storage will be provided by the terabyte hard drive, it’s indeed a lot of space but not so fast transfer speed (7200RPM). That performance issue can be fixed, if you have the required skills, with a swap to SSD.

Gaming performance is very limited, there’s just integrated graphics engine Radeon R5 for you to “enjoy”. I’m afraid that it’s even slower than Intel HD 4000 so definitely top FPS can’t be expected with many games. Some titles such as GTA 5 and The Witcher 3 would be unplayable I’d dare to say. However, some games will have decent frame rates when moderate settings are used, including CS: Go and League of Legends.


You are good to plug in all the common peripherals to HP Pavilion 23-q110. The desktop has six USB ports and two of those are USB 3.0, located in the bottom. The rest, four USB 2.0, are in the rear. You will also find HDMI-out there, meaning another monitor/HDTV can be connected.

Discs can be played and burned, there’s a DVD writer installed in this computer. Media card reader is available too, it accepts cards from SD, SDHC and SDXC formats.

The HP can be connected to networks with its dual-band WiFi adapter (includes Bluetooth 4.0). Cable can be used too thanks to the Gigabit RJ-45 jack.

A fixed 720p webcam is featured, you can take photos or shoot videos with that.

Miscellaneous things

The 23″ display looks like a quality screen, it has multitouch enabled and 1920×1080 resolution support. Panel type is IPS, it should ensure viewing angles closer to 180 degrees and realistic color reproduction.

Wireless keyboard and wireless optical mouse are included.

Bear in mind you need this computer plugged in to power socket, it has no battery available.


I can’t say HP Pavilion 23-q110 stands out from the crowd in any way, but that’s not perhaps even the point. Instead, it includes sufficient performance for home and business users running daily programs like web browser and office applications. Peripherals such as printers and scanners can be connected, and the monitor, keyboard and mouse are indeed part of the package. For gaming the HP is not suitable, but if you’re not a player you need not worry about that!

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  1. Gregory Lamont Lewis

    How do you turn the screen on? I just purchased the HP Q110. Plugged it up, power light is on, but my screen is not on


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