HP Pavilion 23-g116 Review

November 27, 2014
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What’s a modern desktop computer called? All-in-One! These days, people want convenient solutions and advancement in technology has allowed manufacturers to answer to this need: Many today’s desktops are actually one, the actual mainframe and monitor combined into a single unit. Hence the name All-in-One computer, which also the HP Pavilion 23-g116 represents. Let’s see more about this desktop below.

The main things

Budget All-in-Ones usually have slightly worse performance than conventional desktops of the same prize. HP Pavilion 23-g116 comes with an Intel Pentium G3220T, a dual-core processor of 2.6GHz clock speed. It lacks some features like Hyper-Threading and Turbo Boost the fancier Core i3 CPUs possess and its graphics engine is the older Intel HD Graphics (Haswell) version. It’s indeed a true budget processor, still capable to deal with daily workload at home and office.

The HP has four gigabytes of DDR3 RAM installed. Expanding it up to 16GB is possible. Also one memory slot on the mainboard is free, allowing for easy upgrade.

Unsurprisingly the storage solution in HP Pavilion 23-g116 is a good old hard drive. You’re actually hard pressed to find budget All-in-Ones with solid-state drives. The drive of this HP is 500GB big and runs on 7200RPM – which makes it larger in storage and slower in speed compared to an SSD. Expect all of your photos, mp3s and other small files nicely fit to thatt drive.

A word about display and graphics

The non-touch display of this HP should be solid. It’s 23 inches big, just like your average desktop monitor. The resolution is also 1920×1080, allowing for Full HD movies to play natively. In addition, the panel type is IPS (In-Plane Switching) which could be considered a step up from regular TN (Twisted Nematics) panels. These IPS screens tend to have better colors and viewing angles which, in my opinion, directly translate to a higher quality monitor.

What comes to graphics, there’s not much to talk about. HP Pavilion 23-g116 has an integrated Intel HD Graphics (Haswell) chip ready to rock your games. But this rocking won’t be spectacular, so to speak. You’ll get less than playable (<20) FPS on heavy games like Thief, Risen 3 and Crysis 3 no matter what your settings are. Of course, going for older titles like Minecraft, Dirt 3 and World of Warcraft would probably work, at least on low to medium settings and resolution.


HP Pavilion 23-g116 contains in total 6 USB ports. Two of those are USB 3.0, located on left of the panel.

There are no video outputs or inputs available at all, so you can’t use this All-in-One through any other monitor than its own, neither you can connect any video source (like gaming console) and use that through the HP’s monitor.

The desktop has both Gigabit Ethernet and single-band WiFi, so you can access Internet through wireless and wired methods. For Bluetooth support you’d have to use a simple USB dongle.

It wouldn’t be All-in-One if it didn’t have adequate local data transfer options, right? Well this computer features a 8X DVD burner and a media card reader for SD, SDHC, SDXC, MS, MS Select, MS Pro and MS MagicGate formats.

The computer has a webcam and digital microphone array. As such, video calls are possible out of the box.

What else to consider?

Operating system follows the latest trend: Windows 8.1 (64-bit). Some might complain about using it without a touchscreen like this HP – in fact I used to complain, too – but after using Windows 8 for a while I don’t find touch display a necessity anymore.

As it’s an All-in-One solution, also basic USB keyboard and optical mouse are shipped with it.

As with most HP laptops and desktops, there’s a bunch of software pre-installed. Getting rid of them can be annoying although relatively easy task. Some programs might be worth keeping, like MS Office and McAfee anti-virus trials.

Final thoughts

HP Pavilion 23-g116 is a basic All-in-One desktop in the tolerable 500 bucks price category. The performance it offers is fine for everyday computing, but not so much for gaming and power users. Points must be given for its Full HD IPS display that’s probably the strongest link in this computer. However, I can’t help wondering why no video ports are available – a HDMI input or output would’ve made this HP more useful. It’s not a bad computer per se, but for the price I’d like to have seen more performance and better features. If you can get it for a bargain, I’d say go for it. Otherwise, you might want to look for other All-in-One solutions.

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