HP Pavilion 17-g192dx Laptop Review

August 8, 2016
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One of the latest laptops coming out of Hewlett-Packard factories is HP Pavilion 17-g192dx. Its priced so that a home or small office user shouldn’t have problems buying the notebook. That is obviously a good thing, but conclusions shouldn’t be drawn before taking a closer look at the unit…

What’s good in it?

There is nothing HP Pavilion 17-g192dx couldn’t do for a home user. The Intel Core i5-5200U processor is running the system, it has two cores and 2.2GHz clock speed yet there’s also a 2.7GHz turbo boost available. In addition, you should find joy in the 8GB memory which, together with the i5 processor, makes this thing snappy for web surfing and similar stuff.

The huge hard drive (1TB 5400RPM) is both good and bad. It’s excellent if you’re looking for a real data storage, bad if you want to maximize the performance. There wouldn’t be any space for extra drives but the good thing is, you may remove the current one and put in SSD if you know how to.

What’s bad in it?

You are not going to get excellent gaming performance with HP Pavilion 17-g192dx. The sad thing about these cheaper laptops is that there isn’t a dedicated graphics card available, ever. In this HP it’s only the integrated Intel HD 5500. Games like GTA 5 are going to be a tough task, you’d be getting only around 20-25 frames per second using low settings. However, light gaming like browser-based titles or Minecraft are not too demanding for this rig.

Other important things and features

Even though HP Pavilion 17-g192dx is rather affordable it sports a large 17.3 inches screen. Well, this non-touch display doesn’t feature great resolution, just 1600×900 (alright for home use definitely). In the top bezel you will find a webcam, as usually.

The battery offers you a 4-cell 41Wh setup. Being a new laptop there’s no information on the actual operating time, but the usual four hours should be a safe bet.

Many ports are included in this notebook so you can use your peripherals and devices with it. There are two USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0 on the sides, also HDMI-out is there for a monitor connection. Networking happens with the 100Mbps RJ-45 port or 802.11bgn WiFi adapter. It doesn’t look like Bluetooth is enabled here.

DVD burner, as well as SD card slot, are included.

The keyboard doesn’t feature backlight.


HP Pavilion 17-g192dx isn’t too bad a laptop for many kinds of use (save gaming, there is no dedicated graphics installed!). At 17 inches the computer is also rather big, should I say multimedia-friendly, although you aren’t going to get Full HD experience on this. For a budget machine the HP is decent, check it out if interested!

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