HP Pavilion 17-g140nr Review

October 22, 2015
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HP Pavilion 17-g140nr doesn’t look very interesting at first sight, there’s a basic (yet 5th Generation) Core i3 processor and 6GB RAM inside. The display size is 17 inches yet there’s no Full HD support. But it’s not so bad notebook I think, I’ll tell you more about its strong (and weak) points below!


HP Pavilion 17-g140nr is a machine with decent performance, but you can’t expect top-notch components for this price. The Intel Core i3-5020U processor can surely run Google Chrome, including various web services like YouTube. For those who’re interested about specifications, let it be known that the i3-5020U operates on two cores an 2.2GHz clock speed. Turbo is not available, and the popular benchmark CPU Mark gives this unit a grade of ~3300.

Other things affecting the performance include 6GB RAM. It’s the DDR3L type memory, with two DIMM slots residing on the mainboard. In other words, you can replace the current RAM sticks and get up to 16GB memory on this system. Hard drive is the usual 1TB unit with 5400RPM spindle speed. It’s good in case you have thousands of files and multimedia you want to store locally. But it’s not very fast; if you have the skills and extra money swapping it for SSD might make sense.


The screen size here is 17.3 inches, too bad its resolution is 1600×900 – I think Full HD is the way to go with a 17″ display. It’s a touch sensitive monitor, but you can’t turn it full 360 degrees to a tablet mode.

Gaming capabilities

There are many laptops that are much better than HP Pavilion 17-g140nr for gaming. This one features the Intel HD 5500 graphics engine, a cool name but in reality, it’s only an integrated one. It’s not a catastrophe though, in fact for a casual gamer it can somewhat work: reducing settings to low-medium you’ll be able to play most games, including the demanding GTA 5 with decent frame rates of ~25.


All the usual peripherals can be connected, the laptop comes with three USB ports (two are USB 3.0) and the usual HDMI output. Of course, RJ-45 connector is present as well so you can get Internet access with wire. The other way to connect to Internet is the WiFi card with support for 802.11b/g/n standard. Bluetooth 4.0 works as well.

Transferring data locally will be effortless, you’ll get internal DVD burner and SD card reader for those activities.

If you feel chatty or want to shoot some videos, why not to use the built-in HD webcam for that.


There aren’t user reports about HP Pavilion 17-g140nr available for now, but it should be clear that the 4-cell 41Whr battery isn’t going to last more than 4 hours (which might however be all you need).

The unpackaged weight for this unit is 6.84 pounds. It’s not a lightweight laptop, you’ll have more luck with other models if you’re looking for a traveler-friendly notebook.

The full-size keyboard here features backlit keys and a numeric keypad.


HP Pavilion 17-g140nr is one of the bigger laptops, the screen size 17.3″ means this system should make a decent replacement for your desktop. Performance is not excellent but will be sufficient for all the daily tasks, thanks to the i3 processor and 6GB RAM. A lot of storage is offered at the expense of system performance. No dedicated graphics card is available which will make serious gamers sad. But you can’t have it all for this price – if it’s a decent large laptop you want, I think this HP should make a good buy for you.

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