HP Pavilion 17-f140nr Review

March 11, 2015
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HP, the definite go-to laptop brand for many. They’ve recently released a new notebook, this time called HP Pavilion 17-f140nr, with multimedia users and perhaps students in mind. The laptop has a large 17.3″ touch screen and Core i3 level performance. Let’s find out more about this silver-gray notebook below.


HP Pavilion 17-f140nr relies on a 4th generation Core i3-4005U. It’s a CPU of low 1.7GHz clock speed and two cores. It’s getting a bit dated, being about a year old, but should still suffice for most users including those interested in multitasking and entertainment activities. The graphics chip is HD 4400, an integrated one but not the slowest, so as a low-level gaming machine the HP should work too (I’ll elaborate that below).

The laptop comes with 6GB DDR3L memory. It’s configured on a 2GB and 4GB chips, occupying the two memory slots. You could indeed remove them and install more if you’re after a memory boost. But I don’t recommend that straight from the beginning because 6GB is still very healthy amount these days.

There’s a 500GB (5400RPM) hard drive installed in the machine, offering basic storage for casual users. Half a terabyte can hold dozens of games and hundreds of movies easily. If you want to swap it for a quicker solid-state drive you should be able to do that on this model.

Screen and graphics

HP Pavilion 17-f140nr has a touch screen, good if you’re excited about Windows 8.1’s new features (however a normal display is perfectly fine with that OS, too). The diagonal is 17.3″ so it should be suitable for movie lovers. The 1600×900 resolution might however reduce user experience, especially if you’re used to Full HD displays.

Intel HD 4400 is an integrated graphics unit of the Core i3 processor. The word “integrated” is synonymous to sub-standard performance, although this particular model does better job than many other built-in models. For example, Battlefield 4 should give you solid 25 FPS on lowest settings, meaning playable if you can do without much eye candy on. With less demanding titles like the popular Minecraft you can up the settings and retain smooth frame rates.


There are some useful connections in HP Pavilion 17-f140nr. For example, it has 2 USB 3.0 ports whereas most laptops of similar price have only one. There’s also a nice dual-band WiFi adapter with Bluetooth 4.0 in addition to 100Mbps RJ-45 port. HD television or PC monitor can be plugged in thanks to a HDMI output.

Creating CDs and DVDs is possible on this model, there’s a SuperMulti DVD burner built-in. Also memory cards work since the laptop has an SD card reader.

The HP TrueVision webcam should be good enough for Skype video with friends and family.

Anything else to keep in mind?

As usually, a big laptop doesn’t have a great portability. HP Pavilion 17-f140nr weighs 6.91 pounds so it’s not the best idea if you travel a lot. The removable 4-cell battery isn’t that great either, giving ~4 hours on WiFi surfing.

The keyboard in this model is a non-backlit one, featuring numeric keypad on the right hand side.

I can see there are a lot of pre-installed software on this laptop. Some reviewers call them useful, but I think I’ve never used them in the past 20 years. So they’re probably useless and can in fact contribute to poor system performance. Uninstalling them is generally a good idea.


HP Pavilion 17-f140nr looks like a regular laptop, made with multimedia users in mind due to it’s large display. Of course big screen doesn’t mean high quality, and many professionals might dislike its non Full HD nature. On the other hand, many people find this a non-issue. Combined with solid performance and some smaller yet useful features (two USB 3.0 ports, dual-band WiFi) the notebook doesn’t look so bad. If you don’t want to pay an arm and leg for a big laptop, you might want to get this HP.

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