HP Pavilion 17-f004dx Review

December 18, 2014
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HP Pavilion 17-f004dx. A certified refurbished item again, but don’t despair. In essence, if you get it you’re not its first user. Nonetheless the vendor promises limited or no wear and tear. Naturally, this also lowers the price so you have great chances of receiving a fast laptop for low price. So let’s see how well this HP would work for you performance and feature wise!

The main things

This notebook doesn’t have Intel inside. Instead, there’s a quad-core AMD A10-5745M responsible for the processing power. The base speed is 2.1GHz while turbo will take it up to 2.9GHz. Being a 2013 release, the AMD can be compared to some older Intel Core i3 models. Performance for home or office use is not a problem, and somebody with occasional heavier needs (Photoshopping, to name one) should also find that processor adequate.

HP Pavilion 17-f004dx contains 6GB DDR3 memory. That is installed on two memory slots on mainboard, and while I think the notebook supports at least 8GB RAM you’d have to replace the old chips if you wanted to add a memory boost.

The 750GB hard drive is bigger than most laptops’ 500GB drive in this price range. Then again, it’s a refurbished item, so offering more for the same money is expected. Space is plenty for anybody, the drive being capable of hosting hundreds of films for example. The speed of 5400RPM can’t keep up with what new solid-state drives can offer, though.

For screen, you’ll get a basic 17.3″ non-touch display. It has 1600×900 resolution which is just appropriate for such a size. Not a Full HD, but should suffice for everyday computing.

The HP is powered by Windows 8.1 (64-bit) which means, taking the above into consideration, that you can’t use the Microsoft latest’s touch features.

Briefly on gaming

HP Pavilion 17-f004dx has a graphics engine called AMD Radeon HD 8610G. It has performance similar to some faster members in the Intel HD family. Some gaming is thus possible, however not with capped eye candy and resolution. Minecraft should have smooth frame rates with minimum settings. With new, high-end graphics games such as AC or Ryse: SoR the FPS would sadly drop below 20.


The HP sports two USB 3.0 ports and one USB 2.0 which isn’t bad considering the 400 dollars price point. There’s also the common HDMI out which you can use to connect this notebook to a HDTV or other modern monitor.

Internet access can be attained with regular LAN port (10/100Mbps) or WiFi. For Bluetooth you’d have to use an USB dongle or something similar since it’s not supported by default.

Both DVD writer and SD memory card reader are available on the HP. Also a HD webcam is installed which is better than a basic 640×480 cam seen on some other budget HPs.

Other things worth of mentioning

HP Pavilion 17-f004dx has a 4-cell battery which lasts for four hours maximum on a single charge. The weight is 6.23 pounds which is appropriate for a 17.3 inches notebook. Overall portability of this big HP isn’t that good which is easily understood because of the big size.

A large laptop like this has space for full-size keyboard. It’s a non-backlit one and features 10-key numeric pad on right.

There’s no full version of MS Office pre-installed on the HP – in fact, that stands true for most budget laptops.

In conclusion

I can see HP Pavilion 17-f004dx offers quite much for little money. That is, of course, due to the computer being a refurbished one. I can’t comment if you will receive an item in pristine condition, but from what I’ve seen other people write they usually commented there were no visible signs of use on their HPs. As such, if you’re feeling adventurous, this laptop with AMD A10 series processor and 6GB RAM offer solid performance for everyday computing and limited gaming. And that’s for a real good price, since a brand new notebook with similar stats would be at least a hundred bucks more.

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