HP Pavilion 17-e110dx Review

October 20, 2014
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Now and then it’s not the brand new laptops that find their way to the homes of budget minded people. Indeed, you might want to save money by choosing a used item. Or perhaps you want to get better bang for your buck, as refurbished items usually offer more performance for less money. But no matter what’s your reason such refurbished computers can be a good deal, and in this review we’ll tell you whether the budget laptop HP Pavilion 17-e110dx could be worthy of your consideration!

The essentials

HP Pavilion 17-e110dx is a home for the AMD Quad-Core A8-4500M processor. By CPU professionals it’s dubbed as high mid range which in this case translates up to 2.8GHz clock speed and four cores. Doing wide array of tasks is breeze with this AMD – a home or office user especially shouldn’t be afraid of the processor being too wimpy.

The installed system memory in HP Pavilion 17-e110dx is 4 GB. Like with most HP budget laptops, it’s expandable up to 8 gigabytes. One RAM slot is also free on the motherboard, so upgrading memory is convenient with this HP.

There is 750GB hard drive space in HP Pavilion 17-e110dx. Having seen most budget laptops with half a terabyte (or even less) storage, I consider this 750GB a respectable amount. The hard drive itself is the slow 5400RPM one, a minor drawback, although for a budget laptop very understandable choice.

Graphics & Screen

The defining factor of HP Pavilion 17-e110dx is the screen. It’s 17.3 inches big, definitely larger than your typical 13.3 or 15 inches notebook. Such a screen, combined with 1600×900 resolution, gives you lot of space to play with. The flipside is of course a heavier weight of 7.74 lbs. As such, this HP is not the best choice if you’re after portability. The display is also not a touchscreen, so one must use Windows 8 without its touch features.

Graphics-wise, the HP offers middle of the road performance with its AMD Radeon HD 7640G integrated graphics chip. It’s enough for everyday tasks, but if you like gaming the Radeon is hardly a viable choice. Minecraft would run smoothly but I wouldn’t count on it for later games (see stats yourself).


Being a budget HP notebook, it’s easy to guess Pavilion 17-e110dx’s vital connections: three USB ports, one HDMI and one VGA output. Did I get right, let’s check the specifications table… Yep. The USB ports are indeed three, and one of them is SuperSpeed USB 3.0.

Internet access can be had either through WiFi or Ethernet (10/100Mbps). Bluetooth is not supported natively.

Webcam is front-facing which lets you have convenient Skype video calls. SD card reader is also present.

What else to consider?

Not a surprise, but operating system choice of HP Pavilion 17-e110dx is Windows 8.1 (64-bit). MS Office and McAfee LiveSafe trials are also pre-installed.

A big laptop like this has space for full-size keyboard. A 10-key numeric pad is located on the right.

So what’s the conclusion?

Whether you like it or not, buying a certified refurbished product is always bit of a gamble. Most of the time you don’t notice any wear and tear, but sometimes something is broken. That of course sucks, but that’s the downside a refurbished product has. So if you want to get a little thrill in your life, go for HP Pavilion 17-e110dx.

Seriously, it’s a solid laptop. For the price it offers good bang for your buck, and a big screen of 17 inches is ideal if you’re looking for a replacement for a desktop rather than an ultra-portable laptop. The components are definitely up for any task a home user might do, while also power users and lightweight gamers might find the performance adequate.

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