HP Pavilion 15-d017cl Review

October 14, 2014
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HP Pavilion 15-d017cl is a laptop that demands attention. Its cover is all red and black, making it stand out from the crowd of your typical grey notebooks. The performance at a quick glance also looks alright with a quad-core processor and 750 gigabytes storage drive. Well, let’s not judge laptop by its covers but take it under closer examination to see what the HP is really made of!

The essential things

As briefly noted above, HP Pavilion 15-d017cl comes with four core AMD A6-5200 CPU with 2GHz speed. For around 300 dollars laptop, such a processor is adequate choice. As it has 4 cores, also multitasking should not be a problem with that AMD.

4GB system memory is the most common amount these days, even in budget laptops. That’s fine for use at office or home and even gaming is possible with it. I couldn’t find the maximum memory amount for this HP, but I bet it’s at least 8GB in case you want to upgrade. However, there should be just one memory slot all in all, so you’d have to remove the old chip first in order to install more RAM.

The hard drive of HP Pavilion 15-d017cl is bigger than with most laptops in this price range. It offers nice 750GB storage which translates to space for movies in low hundreds (depending on quality) or mp3 songs in low hundreds of thousands. These numbers of course seem large, which they indeed are, but if you get into habit of downloading huge data from Internet, even 750GB will fill up quickly. But don’t worry, for simple home use such a storage is more than enough.

Display & Graphics

HP Pavilion 15-d017cl has 15.6 inches display and it doesn’t have touchscreen enabled. The resolution is typical 1366×768 which would just be too small for special cases like image/video editing. But once again, for a typical home user this 15.6″ display does its job well.

The AMD processor of HP Pavilion 15-d017cl integrates a graphics chip. It’s a true second-class graphics engine called AMD Radeon HD 8400, with not much performance to speak of. Gaming enthusiasts, take that as a hint to look for something else. All the others, you’ll be happy to know such graphics chip doesn’t interfere with your day-to-day use and can even run some older games if you turn game resolution and settings to low.


What do most of the budget HPs have common? They have 3 USB ports. Indeed, also HP Pavilion 15-d017cl sports 3 USB ports, one of them being USB 3.0. There are also HDMI and VGA ports which let you use this laptop with external display, such as bigger HDTV.

The laptop also features multi-format digital media card reader and front-facing webcam. And like most 15.6″ laptops, there’s a DVD burner installed for creating and reading discs (CD & DVD).

What else should I keep in mind?

At least on Amazon, the HP Pavilion 15-d017cl is dubbed “certified refurbished”. So chances are somebody has used it in the past, although the vendor promises that the laptop shows limited or no wear and tear.

Operating system is Windows 8.1 64-bit edition. To use all of its new features, you’d have to use touchscreen (which this display is unfortunately not). However, using the laptop old-school style with keyboard and mouse is probably more convenient anyway.

Weight of HP Pavilion 15-d017cl is 5.5 pounds. While this is very subjective matter, in my opinion a notebook of this weight isn’t problem to carry. My old (and smaller display!) laptop weighs the same and I never ever thought it’s too heavy when I’m on the go.


On paper, HP Pavilion 15-d017cl doesn’t seem bad at all. It has capable specs for a budget laptop, and the fact it’s refurbished of course reflects on the price for the benefit of customer. However, many reviews from people who had used this laptop were telling negative things (bad trackpad etc.) about it. That’s why I’m hesitant to recommend this red HP to you, even though theoretically its price/performance ratio is good. If you want to play it safe, take a look at something else like this Dell. It costs more, but is indeed a new item and has a beefier processor and graphics than this HP.

One thought on “HP Pavilion 15-d017cl Review

  1. joseph degnaro

    i bought this laptop from costco, and despite bad reviews i love it. I am able to play games such as grid autosport with 30 fps on medium graphics, as well as black ops 2 and war thunder and others. Yes it is not a gaming laptop but it can put out enough power if u do not look for the monster games like skyrim on high settings lol, but it is well worth the money if u know how to delete the useless apps and programs it will run well better than people think.


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