HP Pavilion 15-au147cl Laptop Review

December 22, 2016
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Spending some extra money for laptop is not a bad thing per se. Most often, you get in exchange a decent powerhouse which is a great all-arounder, suitable for software as well as games. Maybe HP Pavilion 15-au147cl is such a laptop, but we can’t say for sure before taking a closer look at it…

General performance

You will like the processor, the Intel Core i7-7500U. The first number 7 in the four-character code means generation, and indeed this is a 7th generation processor which happens to be the latest one also. The i7-7500U holds two cores, and an appropriate 2.7GHz clock speed which goes to 3.5GHz with turbo. There is no software I know that could make this processor lag. Yep, the CPU Mark score is very good ~5300 (budget processors being in the 2000-3000 range)!

The storage drive isn’t remarkably good, just one terabyte platter based HDD with 5400RPM spindle speed. You can remove it and put, for example, solid-state drive in if you want to. I can see that many power users want to do so, however for typical home activities the present HDD is alright.

The notebook contains two 8GB memory sticks, so memory in total is 16GB (DDR4 and 2133MHz). That is very healthy, should I even say overkill amount these days – you could certainly do with less. But don’t worry, at least you have a lot in the reserves!

Gaming capabilities

HP Pavilion 15-au147cl isn’t like your average laptop (= bad) when it comes to gaming. There’s the GeForce 940MX (4GB DDR3 video RAM) card taking care of graphics, and it’s just right if you don’t mind running games on low-medium settings. For example, GTA 5 is a very popular title and you’re going to get better than 50FPS if using medium settings. You can expect at least 30 frames per second on the heaviest of titles, but might be you need to use low settings!

Ports and connections offered

There are a few ports sprinkled in the sides of HP Pavilion 15-au147cl, feel free to plug in your devices to those. Two USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0 welcome your common peripherals and HDMI-output can be used with a monitor (an external one that is, some people like to use even a notebook with one!).

Let me remind you, this laptop sports a DVD burner – a feature not every modern notebook has. There’s likewise a media card reader for data transfers or even expanding the local storage momentarily.

This unit connects to Internet with two methods. First, the usual 100Mbps RJ-45 port in case you’re friend of network cable. But if you want to go wireless, bear in mind a WiFi card is featured too (supports 802.11ac standard and Bluetooth 4.0).

Are there other important things?

Display is rather important, but in HP Pavilion 15-au147cl it happens to be not that fancy. The 15.6″ screen offers nothing but 1366×768 resolution, I say that because for this price, Full HD could very well be expected. If you like touch screens you’re in luck, this display is one (yet I don’t think it’s that useful myself). You will find a webcam on top of the display.

Not very beefy battery is included, you see the unit only sports 2-cell 41Whr setup. It’s advertised of lasting ~8 hours but I seriously doubt it. A maximum of 5 hours should be a good starting point for you.

A good thing is, the keyboard is backlit on this model.


HP Pavilion 15-au147cl is a recommended laptop for power users and other folks who can appreciate raw power. You see, the notebook’s processor and RAM are great, forming a solid duo for software use. And what is more, the GeForce graphics card gives upper hand for gamers. The hard drive could certainly be better, it puts the computer at a slight disadvantage compared to SSD-driven competitors. But all in all it’s a package full of performance and utility, do take a look at it if those things tickle your fancy!

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