HP Pavilion 15-ab110nr Review

October 2, 2015
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The laptop world is Intel-dominated these days, but HP Pavilion 15-ab110nr does it differently. There’s AMD A10 processor inside, offering strong Core i5 like performance for the power user minded. System memory isn’t bad either, or what do you think about the 8GB RAM in this system? But no laptop should be bought at a whim, rather it’s a good idea to know more about its features and value first. And those things we’ll tell you about in the review below!

How’s the general performance?

It’s a quad-core AMD A10-8700P processor you’ll find inside this thing. The unit has a low 1.8GHz clock speed, although there’s turbo feature that ups the frequency to 3.2GHz maximum. These things alone don’t tell much, benchmark tests reveal more interesting data: the CPU Mark score for this processor is ~3600, so it’s a direct competitor to the popular Intel Core i5-5200U. Both are excellent general use CPUs, and you will also have no problems with running heavier software now and then.

HP Pavilion 15-ab110nr features 8GB memory, the usual DDR3L type. The configuration is two 4GB sticks which means both memory slots are taken. Upgrading all the way to 16GB is indeed possible, but it requires you to remove the current modules first.

The hard drive is “middle-ground” 750GB model (sits nicely between basic 500GB and huge 1024GB drives). Spindle speed is nothing but 5400RPM, this will be sort of a bottleneck in this computer. If you want to unleash the performance, you might want to take that slow drive out and put a fast solid-state drive in.

Can I play many games?

HP Pavilion 15-ab110nr wouldn’t be an excellent companion for players, it has no dedicated graphics card that would ensure high frame rates. The integrated Radeon R6 can however do something, if you don’t mind playing with little eye candy on you’re should be fine. For example, you will reach ~25 frames per second on games like GTA 5 with medium settings and 720p. It’s not ideal, but certainly playable. Lightweight types like Sims 4 and League of Legends will run fluently.

Any comments about the display?

I don’t think the display in HP Pavilion 15-ab110nr is very exciting. Size is the usual 15.6 inches, resolution the usual 1366×768. Touch support is probably its “highlight”, although I don’t know if you need that with Windows 10 – the operating system of this computer.

Ports and connections

The set of connections is typical for a 15-incher: Three USB ports at your disposal, two of them are USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0. The HDMI-out can be used to hook up a HD television or, say, desktop display.

Not a surprise, the unit features a basic DVD burner on the left hand side. There’s also SD card slot which might be useful if you have devices that store data on memory cards and you want that data transfered to the laptop.

Networking interfaces aren’t stellar but will do their job: a 802.11b/g/n WiFi + Bluetooth 4.0 combo adapter and 100Mbps RJ-45 connector.

Webcam is the basic HP TrueVision HD quality one, you’ll be able to have a video chat or two with your buddies.

Miscellaneous things

HP Pavilion 15-ab110nr is not a heavyweight computer, in that it weighs 4.89 pounds (average weight for 15.6″ laptop is 5 pounds). There’s a basic 4-cell 41Whr battery included, you’ll probably get four hours out of that with a single charge.

No backlit keyboard is found on this model. A standard numeric keypad however is.


HP Pavilion 15-ab110nr is indeed a real contender for Intel-based notebooks, its AMD A10 being roughly similar to Intel’s Core i5-5200. Other things like 8GB RAM are enough for both rookies and professionals, the only thing I could complain about would be the lack of a solid-state drive – SSD would help increasing the system performance a lot. But the current drive isn’t bad either, considering you’re getting a lot of storage. If you can do with that, and the 720p screen, I think you would fully enjoy this HP.

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