HP Pavilion 15-ab010nr Review

September 3, 2015
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HP Pavilion 15-ab010nr is a notebook that relies on AMD: it runs on the A10-8700P processor, equivalent to newer i5 CPUs from the competitor Intel. Other things in the laptop include a capable 8GB RAM and large(ish) 750GB spinning hard drive. And as always, upgrade to Windows 10 is promised, although for how long it’s hard to say. But what else there is in the computer, and ultimately, would it be a good choice for you or not..?

About performance

There are fast components under the hood of HP Pavilion 15-ab010nr. The processor is brand new AMD A10-8700P, a Spring 2015 dual core model with 1.8GHz clock speed and turbo of whopping 3.2GHz. It’s made to compete with 5th generation Intel Core i5 models, those get around 3500 points in CPU Mark while the AMD A10-8700P receives ~3700 points. Such a score indicates suitability for power users, and throwing things like Adobe Illustrator or VMWare at this processor shouldn’t be a problem at all. The CPU is sadly not a low voltage model (35W TDP), this might have effect on battery life but there’s always price to pay when using such performance processors.

The notebook contains 8GB (DDR3L SDRAM) memory. That’s installed on one DIMM, sadly I couldn’t find out whether there’s another free socket in the motherboard. If there is, the maximum memory this laptop takes is 16GB. If not, then the current 8GB is maximum, which however is sufficient for about any user I can think of.

To store your files you’ll get a 750GB 5400RPM hard drive. The size is appropriate for this price, the performance however divides opinions. Some are good with such a traditional hard drive, but those who have tasted the speed of a modern solid-state drive might not want to go back to “ancient” spinning HDD. If that sounds like you, you can always remove the current drive and put an SSD there instead.

Comments about the display

HP Pavilion 15-ab010nr comes with a basic 15.6″ display, featuring no more than 1366×768 resolution. You can also touch the screen, that might be useful with Windows 8 (until you upgrade to Windows 10 which is more intuitive with keyboard and trackpad than Windows 8).

Can it play games?

HP Pavilion 15-ab010nr is alright for playing games, assuming you’ll only enjoy some older titles. See, there’s no proper gaming graphics card installed, just the Radeon R6 (Carrizo) that is integrated in the AMD processor. It uses shared memory so performance won’t be great. In real life, demanding games like GTA or The Witcher 3 would struggle – the latter getting unplayable ~10FPS with medium settings and 720p. Simpler games will however run rather fine, those include popular titles League of Legends, World of Warcraft and Diablo 3.


HP Pavilion 15-ab010nr doesn’t have any special connections, but are the necessary ports are there. To begin with, three USB ports are available (two of those being USB 3.0). There’s also a regular HDMI output, you’ll be able to connect a monitor or even HDTV to that.

Like with most general user laptops, also this HP comes with a DVD burner. In addition, the screen bezel houses a HD-quality webcam for some video chatting. The laptop features SD card slot, you can conveniently transfer files from and to many mobile devices using that.

It shouldn’t be a problem to connect to Internet, the notebook has 1×1 802.11n WiFi + Bluetooth 4.0 adapter. A 100Mbps RJ-45 port is also there if you prefer to use cable instead.

What other things to keep in mind?

For a 15.6-inch model, HP Pavilion 15-ab010nr is not too heavy – at 4.91 pounds it’s around the average these laptops weigh. The included battery has 4 cells and 41 WHr rate, it should last four, five hours tops under web browsing.

The keyboard has normal (non-backlit) keys and a numeric keypad installed.


HP Pavilion 15-ab010nr is a proper tool for home users or maybe students who have a limited budget but want the most out of their laptop. There’s a fast AMD A10 processor that’s slightly faster than modern low-power i5s, and the 8GB RAM should make sure that multitasking activities are not stopped because of frustrating lag. The worst thing would be the lack of real graphics card, but there rarely is one in this price category. So if you’re not planning to play games, a simple yet quite powerful HP like this could be your computer of choice.

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