HP OMEN 15-5220nr Laptop Review

March 11, 2016
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A heavyweight notebook is the keyword if talking about HP OMEN 15-5220nr. It is a 15-inches model featuring Core i7 processor, half a terabyte SSD and fast dedicated graphics card in its pristine engine room. Surely, this is also reflected in price. Anyway, some people might find this HP an ideal choice, but first let me tell you my professional opinion about it…

How fast is it? How can it help me?

It’s the power users that can benefit most from the high-end performance of HP OMEN 15-5220nr. It features the Intel Core i7-4720HQ processor, a bit older (late 2014) but still powerful quad-core chip featuring 2.6GHz clock speed and 3.6GHz turbo. If you want to compare it to present processors, the Core i7-6700HQ has about similar performance – both receive ca. 8000 points in CPU Mark. That’s a very good score, and all kinds of applications (programming, multimedia editing etc.) will surely run on this rig.

Also the laptop memory is excellent, it has 16GB low-voltage type RAM installed. Keep in mind it’s on-board memory, so you can’t remove or upgrade it. I don’t however see this a problem as sixteen gigabytes is more than enough, for everybody.

If you ask me, storage section is probably the best thing in this machine. It is a 512GB (half a terabyte) solid-state drive. The storage space itself is rather good, the 512 gigabytes equals to around 100000 high-quality JPEG photos, for example. And because the drive is SSD it will be very fast: the operating system is going to boot in 5-10 seconds, also programs and files will start and load quicker than on regular hard drives.

Is it good for gaming as well?

HP OMEN 15-5220nr is good for even the gamers. There’s a dedicated GeForce GTX960M card with 4GB memory inside. As a result, you’re good to run heavyweight games such as GTA 5 and The Witcher 3. For the former, you can expect around 50 frames per second when played on high settings and Full HD resolution. For the latter, FPS will be less, around 30, however enough for decent gaming experience.

Does it have a good connectivity?

Hooking up a device or two to HP OMEN 15-5220nr is not a problem. It features four USB 3.0 ports for things like extra drives and gaming mouse. Video outputs include the usual HDMI and also miniDP as a specialty. Thus, practically any PC display or HDTV can be connected to this notebook if you don’t like its own screen.

For wireless networking the laptop offers 802.11ac standard which brings better speed and range than regular bgn WiFi adapters. It looks like the laptop doesn’t have a built-in RJ-45 port, however a simple USB to RJ-45 dongle is included.

The unit is quite thin, so there is no space for an optical drive. Thus, if you want support for CDs and DVDs you need to get an external drive.

Like with most notebooks, a media card reader is available also here. You can slip in those small memory cards to this slim slot, and for example upload photos from your camera that way.

Other important features & benefits

The screen of HP OMEN 15-5220nr has 15.6″ diagonal, meaning it’s the most common “cookie cutter” size. Its features are excellent: resolution is 1920×1080 (plenty of screen estate for digital artists) and panel type is IPS – offering viewing angles of around 180 degrees. Also touch is supported.

The 4-cell 58Whr battery isn’t too great for this notebook – you’ll get around 3 hours operating time with that, and then you need a recharge.

The laptop’s webcam is a Full HD one, filming a high-quality YouTube video or attending professional video conferences is possible.

Backlit keyboard is available.

Operating system is Windows 10 Home (64-bit).


HP OMEN 15-5220nr is an extremely fast and good-looking machine without many disadvantages I can think of. Simply put, it’s good for any kind of use, be it a professional working with graphics/video or a gamer wanting top FPS for his new games. Of course, a casual user with basic web browser and office programs would find this an overkill. But if you want raw performance – and are prepared to pay for it – then getting this HP would be justified.

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