HP LaserJet Pro M225Dn Review

January 13, 2015
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An office person faces a dilemma: Where to get a good printer for his needs? Should it be a laser or inkjet? How much should it cost? Choices are many, and in this review we’ll concentrate on HP LaserJet Pro M225Dn, one of the HP’s latest monochrome lasers made clearly with small offices in mind.


HP LaserJet Pro M225Dn is a so called All-in-One printer, with a printer, scanner, copier and fax in one package. A multifunctional device, it saves space and probably money, although the weight of 24.4 pounds is still a lot larger than with simple printers meant for occasional home use.

There’s a 2-line non-touch LCD display with all the relevant buttons which you’ll use to command the printer. I’m biased towards a full-scale touch display (like those ones seen in big and expensive office workhorses) but for the price I think the simple LCD screen should suffice.

Now, the “n” suffix at the end of the product’s model means networking. There’s indeed a 10/100Mbps RJ-45 port available for wired connection. Also two USB 2.0 ports are installed. However, as somebody found out only after buying the HP, wireless is not featured in this printer.

There’s one paper tray in HP LaserJet Pro M225Dn. It has space for 250 sheets – the maximum this printer can print in one day in the long run. Automatic duplex printing is supported, so a business has a clever way to reduce printing costs on unimportant papers.

This LaserJect supports Windows and Mac out of the box. However, also HP-made drivers for Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, RHEL) were made available for this model last Autumn.


HP LaserJet Pro M225Dn has the speed of up to 26 pages per minute. Being a laser printer, that should be quite close to reality. Obviously, those are black and white pages because the printer doesn’t support color. To me, near 30 PPM is an appropriate speed for a monochrome in this price range.

Duty cycle is advertised as up to 8000 pages. In another words, you can expect maximum 8000 pages a month from this HP. This amount sounds a lot, and it means 250 pages every single a day. Some bigger businesses would need more, but you should calculate whether that is enough or not for you.

The installed RAM amount is 256MB. That’s also the maximum for this printer. For a monochrome it’s good enough and you shouldn’t have any problems running out of memory.


The acquisition price of HP LaserJet Pro M225Dn is 200 dollars and something. As you see, it’s considerably more than with basic home printers. However, since this printer spits out only monochrome prints, the only toner you’ll be using is black. One HP CF283X cartridge costing around 80 bucks should have yield for 2200 pages, so cost per page would be around 3.6 cents. That is cheaper than with simple inkjets.


To me, HP LaserJet Pro M225Dn looks like a simple enough printer for people requiring fast black and white pages with reasonable operating costs. That would, of course, include small businesses printing receipts and other texts not requiring any colors. One thing to be wary about is the networking: There’s no WiFi in this printer, however the Ethernet port and USBs should work flawlessly.

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