HP Envy Touchsmart m6-n015dx Review

January 7, 2015
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Ah, a touchscreen laptop. Good for many, unnecessary for some. If you’re interested in HP Envy Touchsmart m6-n015dx you probably belong to the former bunch. It’s a Core i5 notebook featuring a 15.6″ touch display, and the specifications in general show it’s quite a capable computer. But the truth is not in a couple of manufacturer’s bullet points. Instead, it’s in the TechForPennies.com review.

The performance

It’s a 4th generation Intel Core i5-4210M processor powering the HP Envy Touchsmart m6-n015dx. It’s not an old model (launched in Q2 2014), with clock speed up to 3.2GHz and core amount of two. The i5 series can be described as powerhouses of Intel processors, and even some professionals in offices and special professions opt for them – if not going for the expensive flagship i7 models.

The laptop has 8GB RAM installed on one DIMM chip. You are free to add more because there’s one unoccupied slot on the mainboard. However, you don’t have uses for more RAM unless you’re running very complex software on your computer.

Hard drive in this model is 750GB big. To me, it seems sufficient, allowing storage for 100’s of movies for example. The speed is regular 5400RPM, fine if you haven’t used faster solid-state drives yet but if you have, it feels like going back ten years.

The touchscreen makes this model stand out from the crowd. A 15.6″ diagonal, the display features 1366×768 resolution which doesn’t please all the pro users. I wouldn’t have a problem with that but your preferences may vary. You could get a Full HD laptop with this price if you get a good deal, but most likely its other features would be not on par with this HP.

Gaming notes

HP Envy Touchsmart m6-n015dx can work for gaming thanks to the Intel HD Graphics 4600 chip. You’ll be pleased to know that basically any game runs on this rig as long as you keep eye candy and resolution at bay. For example, Battlefield 4 should give smooth 40 FPS, Thief 20 FPS and Minecraft even more. On older titles you can easily up the resolution and settings to medium, even high.


HP Envy Touchsmart m6-n015dx has four USB ports. Two of those are USB 3.0, an appropriate amount indeed, and in addition you have two USB 2.0 as backups. HDMI output can be used with an external monitor.

Networking options are good, consisting of Gigabit Ethernet port and WiFi adapter with Bluetooth support.

Optical drive is unfortunately not included. You should use external DVD drive for that. There is however an SD media card reader available on the laptop.

High-definition webcam with digital microphone are built-in.

Other noteworthy things

The laptop weighs 5.7 pounds, a bit more than your average 15 incher. There’s a quality 6-cell 47Whr battery included which should give up to 6 hours operating time.

The keyboard is backlit and features 10-key pad on the right hand side.

Among the pre-installed (unnecessary) software there is a 30-day trial for McAfee anti-virus program which is a keeper unless you have a better one at hand.


Looking at the specs and price only, HP Envy Touchsmart m6-n015dx seems to be solid. It has a touchscreen, Core i5 CPU and 6-cell battery which are treats for most users. The Intel HD 4600 graphics chip is also surprisingly fast, and while this laptop can’t be characterized as true gaming computer you can still play most games on it.

However, what made me a little unsure of recommending it are the reports of low-quality hinges. Some people said the hinges had problems, some people said the laptop is perfect. Go figure, and you can read more about that by clicking the below link – and decide if you want to give this laptop a try. Save the possible hinge issue this HP looks like a good pick.

4 thoughts on “HP Envy Touchsmart m6-n015dx Review

  1. Tanmey

    I am wondering if the display is good or bad as the ppi is around 100, is text readable or not? Is the display crisp enough?

  2. umcpstudnet

    Please do not buy it. Hinges wil be broken within few months of your purchase. I am a customer of this product so I can tell you. You should rather spend $50 more and buy any other product than HP.


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