HP ENVY 750-411 Desktop Review

December 12, 2016
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Ah, so you don’t fancy a laptop, but desktop is what you’ve been thinking? That might be a smart choice, after all desktops provide better bang for your buck! Indeed, the high-performance HP ENVY 750-411 should be faster than a cheetah, but is it really worth the price? Moreover, is it a good acquisition? I’ll help you with the decision!

Performance in general

The processor side of things is good with HP ENVY 750-411, after all it’s Intel Core i5-6400 running that show. The 6th generation quad-core processor throws in a 2.7GHz clock speed while its turbo will take the frequency to 3.3GHz. Looking at one benchmark, the popular CPU Mark, you can see it gets a score of ~6600. That’s decent for desktop processor, it easily churns through whatever you run on it, from text editors to image editors!

For RAM you will get 8GB DDR4 (2133MHz). It’s one stick that is installed and one slot is free, and the manual says 16GB is the maximum memory on this system.

Sadly there is no solid-state drive by default, just 1TB 7200RPM hard drive. But the case should have a free 3.5″ bay which means installing more drives is possible. Even SSD (most come with 2.5″ size) can be put there, you just need to use an adapter.

Can I play games too?

Yep, you can. And pretty damn well. The graphics card is AMD Radeon RX 480 (4GB video RAM), and it can take a lot of beating before performance is exhausted. The RX 480 is faster than GTX 960 and in between GTX 770 and GTX 970. You can expect the following (Full HD and very high settings):

– The Witcher 3, ~50FPS
– GTA 5, +60FPS
– Doom, ~75FPS
– Battlefield 4, ~70FPS

The RX 480 is a full height card hooked to PCI-e x16 socket, and of course you can upgrade it if you want. SLI is not supported here.

Ports and connections

A variety of ports is offered for your convenience. In total, seven USB ports are present, and of those two are USB 2.0, four USB 3.0 and one multi-use USB 3.0 Type C. In addition there are several video outputs, the Radeon card holds one HDMI and three DisplayPort connectors in the back panel. In total four displays can be connected at the same time!

For networking, naturally a Gigabit RJ-45 port is offered (the cable way), but there’s also integrated 802.11ac WiFi + Bluetooth 4.2 card for your wireless Internet needs.

Both DVD burner and memory card reader are included in HP ENVY 750-411.

What other important things to keep in mind?

The mouse and keyboard that ship with the HP are both wired.

The computer’s PSU is rated at 500W.

Summing it up

HP ENVY 750-411 is a desktop that would best serve a power user that also enjoys games. You see, its Core i5 processor, DDR4 memory and fast graphics card are a set-up that doesn’t fail you whether it’s demanding programs or latest games you’re running. Likewise, ports should accommodate anybody, there are USB Type-C and several DisplayPorts to choose from. Given the features and performance the price of this rig isn’t bad – if you can put the HP to good use, consider checking it out!

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