HP ENVY 750-177c Desktop Review

December 16, 2015
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So have you been looking for a a very powerful, pre-built desktop to use your heavyweight software with? HP ENVY 750-177c might fit that description, it has a blazing Core i7 processor and a lot of RAM to begin with. But I can surely see some bad things too, I’ll elaborate that in the below review…

The good

Processor is pure excellence – There’s nothing but a 6th generation, Skylake-based Intel Core i7-6700 in the heart of this HP. The chip in question has four cores with an appropriate 3.4GHz clock speed and high 4.0GHz turbo. The average CPU Mark reading is closer to 10000 points, only one or two common processors can beat that. You’re getting a top-tier CPU here, it’s not going to slow down no matter the use.

Strong RAM – HP ENVY 750-177c has two 8GB memory sticks, so the actual memory is 16GB. It’s already capped (just two slots on mainboard in total) but I don’t think anybody would need more. The current amount will ensure lag-free operations for sure.

Wired & wireless networking – There’s the regular Gigabit RJ-45 (LAN) port but also a dual-band 802.11ac WiFi card for networking.

The neutral

Hard drive is enormous but slow – The 2TB 5400RPM SATA hard drive is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it gives you all the storage space you will ever need. On the other hand, it’s slow compared to SSDs, this will be evident in some application loading times. Of course, with some tech skills you’re able to switch the current drive to SSD.

Decent ports – HP ENVY 750-177c has eight USB ports in total, half in the back and half in the front (four USB 3.0 and four USB 2.0). For video outputs, there are two full-sized HDMI ports in the back. Up to two monitors can be plugged in simultaneously.

DVD burner included – A no-brainer for a desktop, the front panel has a DVD burner. Also memory card reader for SD and MS formats is available.

The bad

Not great for gaming – With this price, you might expect to get a dedicated graphics card, but this unit comes with a mere integrated graphics engine called Intel HD 530. It’s not horrible for casual gaming, but you’ll need to be careful with resolution and settings. For example, GTA 5 played on 720p and 1366×768 is going to give ~35 frames per second. League of Legends with ultra settings and Full HD will give more than 60FPS. You can put some kind of graphics card to the PCI-e x16 slot on mainboard, but keep in mind the system case is not large and PSU is 300W.

No monitor included – This is true for most desktops, but you need to get monitor separately. You can of course use your HDTV as well. Keyboard and mouse you don’t need to get, they are included.

Summing it up

HP ENVY 750-177c is a real power desktop, in another words a computer that will not lag no matter what software you’re throwing at it. Applications from web browsers to image editors will be handled smoothly, and the many USB ports and dual HDMIs mean that all the peripherals in the world can also be plugged in. Two bad things are the missing SSD and dedicated graphics, however the latter doesn’t matter at all if you’re not a gamer. This HP is anyway a great product for the price, and if you don’t have a knack for gaming, it will be just the right choice for a power user.

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