HP ENVY 27qe All-in-One Power Desktop Review

May 5, 2016
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Not every All-in-One desktop is meant for lightweight use, there are exceptions for sure. HP ENVY 27qe is such an “exception”, with heavyweight components such as solid-state drive and a whopping 16GB memory to keep a power user satisfied. In addition, there is a dedicated graphics card and a large 27 inches Ultra HD screen. Very sweet, but is this all worth the price…?

About components under the hood

HP ENVY 27qe is, as the price suggests, a very, very powerful desktop. This particular model has the Intel Core i7-6700T as its processor – a quad-core beast featuring 2.8GHz clock speed and 3.6GHz turbo. There are not many CPUs that can beat it in benchmark tests; for example this Core i7 gets ~9000 points in CPU Mark while an average desktop CPU is in the 5000-6000 range. So in real life, you’re good to use this chip for heavyweight tasks like image editing for sure.

System memory is top notch as well, you’ll find 16GB RAM installed inside. That is the most this system takes, but fear not, it will be sufficient for any program, believe me.

Storage drives are two: a “conventional” 2TB 5400RPM spinning drive, but also faster-than-light 128GB solid-state drive (PCIe slot). What you can do is to install files and programs you frequently use on the SSD part so they are loaded quickly. Use the hard drive for more static files, such as music and texts. In addition, there should also be one free M.2 slot which you can use for another SSD.

Does it work for gaming?

HP ENVY 27qe features a dedicated graphics card called AMD R9 A375 (with 4GB memory). Now, it’s a very new model, and there are no benchmarks or reviews about it yet. However, because it’s dedicated, you can expect suitability for gaming – I’d say most games, including GTA 5, will run at least on medium settings here.

What ports and connections are included?

HP ENVY 27qe comes with a host of ports you can use to spice up the desktop. To begin with, there are two USB 2.0 and four USB 3.0 at your disposal; you can hook up a printer or, say, external drive to those. Video ports are likewise present, HDMI input and output to be exact. This means that you can plug in a secondary monitor AND/OR also a device that outputs HDMI, such as gaming console or satellite box, and use that through the desktop’s own display.

There is no optical drive installed; in case you want to use DVDs please get an external DVD drive and plug it to the desktop’s USB.

Connecting to Internet won’t be a problem, there’s RJ-45 port for the standard cable or WiFi AC adapter for wireless – (Bluetooth 4.0) is supported too.

Any other features and benefits?

HP ENVY 27qe has a high quality display, a 27″ diagonal screen with 10-point touch support and IPS (In-Plane Switching) panel. The latter means viewing angles are good, closer to 180 degree from the sides. Resolution is also high, 3840×2160, people editing graphics or just wanting a lot of screen estate will like it. There’s a webcam on top of the display.

Wireless keyboard and mouse are included.

The PSU isn’t too shabby, it’s rated at 180W. It’s good for the default components but if you’re upgrading you might need to replace the power supply, too.

Final thoughts

HP ENVY 27qe is everything a power user / gamer can demand: heavyweight processor + RAM + hard drive and dedicated graphics. There is not a piece of software that wouldn’t run, and most games will work too, especially if you’re not greedy with settings. The big screen with high resolution will be good for a digital artist. It’s not a cheap computer, but considering what’s included, the HP is a pretty decent choice!

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