HP ENVY 15-U493cl x360 Laptop Review

August 22, 2016
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A convertible laptop is not a new thing, they have been around for a while. Yet, they are still very popular. The reason for this is: they’re handy – you will essentially get a tablet alongside your notebook. One of those devices is HP ENVY 15-U493cl x360, and in this review I’ll tell you if it’s something to spend your money on or not…

The good

If you’ve been thinking about buying a convertible laptop, here is your chance. HP ENVY 15-U493cl x360 has that famous screen hinge that rotates 360 degrees, turning the laptop into a tablet just like that. Also, the 15.6″ display features 1920×1080 resolution which is useful for movie watching or extra screen estate. Viewing angles shouldn’t be a problem here as the panel type is professional IPS (In-Plane Switching).

You are given a plenty of processing performance. The HP contains a dual core Intel Core i7-6500U as the processor, the unit sporting 2.5GHz clock speed and 3.1GHz turbo. Obviously, it’s a better laptop CPU, easily beating the mainstream Core i3s and i5s in performance (yes, this chip gets around 4300 points in CPU Mark). In addition to the processor, also the memory situation is well thought – there’s 12GB installed (8GB+4GB) and you can upgrade it to full 16GB.

The keyboard is backlit, an excellent thing for many people.

The neutral

The HP ENVY 15-U493cl x360 ad copy talks about 6 hours 45 minutes battery life, but remember that you probably won’t get that. Expect 5-6 hours, it’s decent for a convertible model yet there are many others that last longer.

Plugging in peripherals happens through the one USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 ports. As always, HDMI-out is offered in case you want to hook up a bigger monitor.

You can connect the notebook to Internet with the wireless adapter, it also supports Bluetooth. It’s also possible to use the RJ-45 port.

You won’t find an optical drive on this unit (external DVD drives are inexpensive!) but SD card slot surely is included.

The bad

There’s hardly any reason a gamer would want HP ENVY 15-U493cl x360. When it comes to graphics performance the laptop entirely relies on Intel HD 520, an integrated graphics chip meant for light multimedia use only. So if you want to play games remember to keep settings down! A real life example, you’d get around 30 frames per second with GTA 5 if you used low settings and resolution. Diablo 3 would run better like any older game, including the popular CS: Go.

A conventional hard drive isn’t the best thing for a 2-in-1 laptop; these things get moved a lot and might even hit something. Well, the 1TB 5400RPM drive in this can always be swapped for a solid-state drive. And not only because SSD is more durable; it’s also much faster than this current, spinning drive.

Summing it up

HP ENVY 15-U493cl x360 doesn’t lack anything important. It has style, it has performance, it has functionality. Indeed, the rotating screen means this laptop turns into a tablet when you want, and Core i7 processor with 12GB RAM are ready to serve a power user lag-free. Gaming performance is subpar, but otherwise this convertible HP has a great price-performance ratio – so check it out!

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