HP ENVY 15-u410nr Review

November 9, 2015
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Would the HP ENVY 15-u410nr make your friends envy you? It’s probable, after all the notebook is full of useful and powerful components, such as a Core i5 processor belonging to the 6th Generation. The display works in Full HD, making this unit look good for the professionals, too. But are there any things that would speak against the notebook and make it actually a bad buy?


Intel Core i5-6200U is the name of the processor here. It’s quite a new release (September 2015), belonging to the 6th Gen of Intel CPUs. This dual-core unit offers you 2.3GHz clock speed by default, although turbo boost ups that all the way to 2.8GHz. A good way to see the real performance behind these specifications is to take a look at benchmarks: CPU Mark, one of the trusted benchmarks, gives this processor almost 4000 points. If you were to compare the i5-6200U to the previous i5-5200U, you’d see the 5th Generation model gets 3500 points, around 10% less than the i5-6200U. In real life, you shouldn’t have issues with most programs here, be it a basic type like web browser or advanced application like Adobe Photoshop.

For memory, HP ENVY 15-u410nr offers two SODIMM sockets, they’re filled with 2GB and 4GB sticks. Hence the memory is 6 gigabytes and it can be upgraded to 16GB (obviously with two 8GB sticks). The storage drive isn’t too strong point here, it’s just a 1TB 5400RPM hard drive which works for huge data storage but doesn’t really speed up the computer like a modern SSD does. But fear not, you can take the HDD out and put a solid-state drive in if you wish.

How’s gaming?

You should know there’s no dedicated graphics in HP ENVY 15-u410nr. Only an integrated unit Intel HD 520 is found inside. It’s a new one, but there are some benchmark tests already showing it’s tad faster than Intel HD 5500. But don’t expect miracles from it, you still need to keep settings around medium (default) and resolution 1366×768 if you want to play new games with appropriate FPS – like GTA 5 at ~30FPS. Of course if you’re into games like League of Legends, nothing is stopping you from using higher settings and/or resolution.

Talking about resolution, the 15.6″ touch display supports 1920×1080 a.k.a. Full HD. You’re free to use that throughout your browsing and writing activities, but as discussed above, Full HD gaming is limited to older games. Other thing worthy of mentioning would be the convertible nature of this laptop: you can rotate the display 360 degrees and use this thing in a tablet mode, too.

What devices can be connected?

HP ENVY 15-u410nr accepts all the regular devices found in a household or office. There are three USB ports available (of which two are USB 3.0). You can plug in printer or extra input devices to those. You can also connect a HD television or desktop monitor to the laptop’s HDMI output.

The notebook comes with no optical drive, these 2-in-1 models rarely do. One solution for this would be to plug in an external DVD burner. The media card reader is an option too, it supports at least SD and MMC type cards.

You can connect this laptop to Internet by two methods: either the cable (100Mbps RJ-45) or the 1×1 802.11 A/C standard Wireless card. Bluetooth 4.0 also works.

There’s HD webcam which you can use in Skype or make some YouTube videos.

Some other things to keep in mind?

Convertible laptops are often known for portability, but I can’t say that’s 100% true with HP ENVY 15-u410nr. You’ll find it weighs 5.29 pounds, not really like ultrabooks of 2-3 pounds. The 3-cell 43.5Whr battery lasts for 5 hours, not 10 hours like some smaller 2-in-1 laptops do.

The keyboard has backlit feature. Operating system is Windows 10 Home (64-bit).


HP ENVY 15-u410nr doesn’t impress a lot, but it indeed has potential to make your friends little envious. You can, for example, multitask on this system and run fancy applications without the fear of computer slowing down. There’s also the neat feature to use this thing in tablet mode – which is something that most laptops are not capable of doing. But bear in mind there are also disadvantages, such as quite poor gaming performance and a platter-based hard drive. The former can’t be fixed, the latter can. If you’re OK with this, the HP laptop should surprise you only in a positive way.

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