HP Envy 15-k167cl Review

January 29, 2015
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HP Envy 15-k167cl is a laptop of powerful specs and a touchscreen. This, naturally, means a higher price than your typical budget notebook has. Some people still require lots of performance, that must be said. So let me find out if this HP would be something you’d want to have.


The processor of HP Envy 15-k167cl is called Intel Core i7-4710HQ. Those people who know about tech can right away see it’s a powerful one – i7 series is the pinnacle of Intel’s processors, meant for heavyweight use and complex software. This particular model maxes at 3.5GHz clock speed when turbo feature is on. Core amount is four as one could expect. This processor can do pretty much anything you’d ever do on a computer, but of course it’s another question if a person looking for a simple everyday laptop would need that all.

The HP contains a lot of memory. There’s 8GB installed on two DIMMs. If, for some reason, you’re not happy with the eight you can up the memory to 16GB. But as you probably know, 8GB RAM is enough for basically everyone.

One terabyte hard drive is available for storing your data. That is, of course, a slower 5400RPM drive so user experience isn’t as fast as with SSDs. But the raw storage space is still there, allowing for smaller files in tens of thousands to be stored. And as far as I know, swapping the current drive for an SSD should be possible if you want to.

Display and graphics

HP Envy 15-k167cl has a touchscreen. It’s a nice companion for Windows 8.1. It measures at 15.6 inches and features a 1366×768 resolution. It’s indeed not a Full HD screen that one might expect for this price. Nonetheless, you can enjoy its touch features, and the current resolution works just fine unless you’re a techie or a graphics professional.

There’s an integrated Intel HD 4600 engine available for gaming. It’s integrated chip, yes, but one of the strongest integrated chips in the Intel HD family. You should reach at least 20-25FPS on most modern games, provided you keep settings and resolution low. If you’re into older titles (Minecraft, Civilizations, Dirt etc.), those games will run smoothly even with much eye candy turned on.


HP Envy 15-k167cl comes with three USB ports, not that much, but all of them are USB 3.0. Naturally, a HDMI out is available and can be used for HDTV or other external monitor connection.

A Gigabit Ethernet adapter and a 802.11b/g/n WiFi are the options for networking. Bluetooth is supported, too.

Optical drive is available, so you can read and write DVDs on this laptop. A multi-format memory card reader gives you some extra storage and means of data transfer.

The HP can be used for effortless video chatting because of the 720p webcam.

Other things to keep in mind?

HP Envy 15-k167cl weighs 5.74 pounds, which is slightly more than an average laptop with 15.6″ screen has. The battery life is not listed, but a 4-cell battery usually gives three or four hours operating time on similar notebooks.

The keyboard is backlit, a small but important feature for many. It also has a 10-key pad on the right which gives effortless access to the number keys.

Despite being a bit more expensive notebook this HP has its share of bloatware. It can slow the laptop slightly down, but cure is simple: just uninstall those programs.


Specifications-wise, I can strongly recommend HP Envy 15-k167cl for persons who’re not happy with entry-level Celeron performance. Because this laptop comes with a much speedier processor, a Core i7, which should satisfy the needs of a power user very well. The touchscreen and backlit keyboard are also useful things to have. The only question is of course the price: Are you OK with paying this much for a laptop? If you are, you’ll get a very powerful one to play with.

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