HP ENVY 15-as020nr Laptop Review

July 26, 2016
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The folks at HP have made a new laptop for power users and demanding people. The HP ENVY 15-as020nr features a set of powerful (dare I say even premium!) components like 1080p screen, Core i7 processor and obviously, a solid-state drive. Looking too good, so is there actually anything wrong with this notebook or not?

The good

The core components of HP ENVY 15-as020nr are excellent. There is a solid-state drive (256GB PCI-e NVME M.2) installed; if you’re coming from a hard drive based notebook you’ll experience much better performance – program and system loading times – here. Also the processor is top-notch, Intel Core i7-6500U containing dual-cores and running at 2.5GHz clock speed (with 3.1GHz turbo). CPU Mark score is a very solid +4300, together with the SSD and 12GB DDR4 memory they form a solid backbone which handles every kind of software you ever want to use (including Photoshop).

Also the display is excellent. The 15.6 inch screen is “all-inclusive”, featuring Full HD resolution, multi-touch support and IPS panel (meaning wide viewing angles). You can keep the 1080p resolution on pretty much anytime save gaming, indeed lowering the resolution is possible here. The webcam on top allows for filming medium-quality YouTube videos or having Skype video chats.

The bad

You might think such a premium notebook is a gamer’s choice. Well, that is not true because HP ENVY 15-as020nr has many things but no dedicated graphics card. Hence, you’ll find that very new games like GTA 5 and Fallout 4 are so-so on this machine. For example, the former will receive ~35FPS and the latter ~20FPS using minimum settings and 720p resolution. However, the popular yet lightweight title Counter-Strike: Go shall run fine even if you used high settings.

Other important features and benefits

HP ENVY 15-as020nr features a 3-cell 52Whr battery, the ad copy talks about 10 hours 45 minutes operating time. Well that is very optimistic, my estimation (which is often correct) is 7-8 hours under continuous web surfing.

The ports offered are one USB 3.0 Type-C, three regular USB 3.0 and one HDMI-out to connect an external monitor. Quite a strange thing, RJ-45 port isn’t there so you’ll have to do with the WiFi adapter (AC standard with Bluetooth) unless you get USB to RJ-45 adapter.

Another thing you won’t find on this HP is optical drive, but an external DVD burner can always be used. SD card slot is present too, you can slip in memory cards and transfer data from those.

The keyboard has backlight but you can’t change the color, the options are just on and off.


HP ENVY 15-as020nr is a typical heavyweight computer: it deals with all types of software like it’s nothing, and for light entertainment use this kind of Full HD display is ideal. The system will feel extremely snappy to use (and boot up) thanks to the solid-state drive. The one thing that is not good would be the gaming performance: throwing only lightweight games at this rig is my recommendation! Anyway, the HP is a decent power laptop, go for it if you need one.

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