HP ENVY 13-d010nr Review

October 12, 2015
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In case you have deep pockets you might want to think about getting a professional laptop. They can make your “computer life” frustration-free, in that they rarely lag, they’re pleasant to look at and they’re generally much more durable than their cheaper counterparts. HP ENVY 13-d010nr is one of those better models, featuring a 6th Generation Intel processor, solid-state drive and hefty price tag. It’s also a compact model, perhaps good for travelers, but it’s too early to tell without a closer look…

About performance

A new set of Intel processors are beginning to find their way into laptops. Intel Core i5-6200 belongs to that lot, offering 6th Generation i5-level performance on its 2.3GHz clock speed and 2.8GHz turbo frequency. Core amount is two, just like in the previous i5-5200U model. However, compared to the older one, the i5-6200U is only marginally faster (~3600 vs ~3500 CPU Mark points). Indeed, in terms of performance, you won’t be getting a huge upgrade, but in the grand scheme of things Core i5s are known to work well for complex software and applications.

HP ENVY 13-d010nr includes 8GB DDR3L memory, and that is only one stick. There’s no extra slot so the current eight gigabytes is all you get. The storage drive is fast, that’s what you can expect from SSD. The capacity is however limited, the drive only giving you 128GB of storage to work with.

What games does it run?

HP ENVY 13-d010nr runs most of the games but you’ll have to make sacrifices on the eye candy. The graphics are handled by Intel HD 520, a new unit integrated to the i5 processor. It’s not fully benchmarked yet, but early tests indicate no better performance than, say, Intel HD 5500. Hence, you’ll be able to play “lackluster” games such as Minecraft, League of Legends and Sims 4 no problem, but for fancy games like GTA 5 you’ll need to drop settings to low-medium and resolution to 720p for somewhat smooth frame rates.

Comments about the display

On paper the 13.3″ display of HP ENVY 13-d010nr surely looks good. It offers IPS panel technology (supposedly better color reproduction than on cheaper screens) and 3200×1800 resolution, also known as QHD. I could see users reporting it’s beautiful to look at – which I don’t doubt – but the resolution might need adjustment. If you don’t do that, text will look very small on this screen. Also remember touch isn’t supported here.

What peripherals can be connected?

It’s easy to plug in several devices to this machine. HP ENVY 13-d010nr features three USB ports, all of them supporting USB 3.0. The usual HDMI-out is also available in case you want to enhance the laptop with an external monitor. DVD drive is not there, but you can switch to memory cards (SD card slot is present!) or get an external, USB connecting optical drive.

WiFi interface is top-notch, there’s a 2×2 802.11ac WLAN + Bluetooth 4.0 combo card in the machine. Bear in mind RJ-45 port is not available, but with USB adapter you can always get that.

The regular HP’s HD-quality webcam is installed on the top screen bezel, allowing for video filming or chats on Skype.

Other miscellaneous things

Obviously, this kind of small laptop is suitable for on-the-go folks. The unit weighs just 2.82 pounds, moreover the thickness is just half an inch. Operating time couldn’t be confirmed from user reports, but the 3-cell 45Whr battery should be good for at least 5 hours.

It’s a backlit keyboard in this model, you can see it all in the dark.


So what is it you want to do with your laptop? Run software with high system requirements, edit images or perhaps create high quality videos? For that kind of “advanced” stuff, HP ENVY 13-d010nr is golden. It has a powerful trio of Core i5 (6th Gen, the latest!) processor, 8GB RAM and the best thing, a solid-state drive – albeit just 128GB in storage capacity. They can run pretty much anything, and with the 13.3 inches QHD screen any kind of activity should be a walk in the park, so much screen estate you will get. However, keep in mind that despite all of this greatness, there’s still no dedicated graphics, so playing games on this system isn’t a good idea. If you’re fine with that, giving this laptop a try should be worth it for all the professionals and power users out there!

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