HP 24-g030 All-in-One Desktop Review

December 15, 2016
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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get a desktop, monitor, keyboard and mouse in the same, not pricey package? I think it’d be superb! Being All-in-One desktop, the HP 24-g030 offers this kind of solution, including a large 24 inches monitor. I can also see that many people have bought this, and most have liked, so there must be something good going on…

How’s the performance?

Processing performance is in check with HP 24-g030, it’s the Intel Core i3-6100U (dual-core 2.3GHz no turbo) that you will find inside. That being said, it’s a mobile processor, so it’s not really as fast as its desktop counterparts. The CPU Mark score is ~3900 which is same than the i5-6200U has. Pretty much all the software I can think of will work on this machine, it’s mostly heavyweight multitasking this i3 is not suitable for.

Memory isn’t too bad, a single 4GB DDR4 (2133MHz speed) stick is installed there. But I can already imagine questions about upgrade: so yes, you can put in more, a free slot is available on the mainboard. The manufacturer says 16GB is the maximum supported RAM.

I don’t like hard drives too much, but in desktops they go. Indeed, it’s a good old 1TB 7200RPM HDD you’re going to find in this rig. Offering plenty of space, performance is of course second to solid-state drive. A person with the right skill set can surely upgrade to SSD.

How well it works for gaming?

HP 24-g030 is not your obvious choice for games, the reason being integrated graphics card Intel HD 520. Certainly it can run games if you don’t mind low settings and resolution, but with a lot of eye candy it’s no cigar for demanding titles. To illustrate this, GTA 5 (rather demanding one) is only playable on low-med settings and up to 720p resolution, which will yield ~30 frames per second. However, old’n’golden games like World of Warcraft run like nobody’s business even if you up the eye candy.

How about ports and connections?

Admittedly, there are not as many ports as in real desktops but still some to get you “plugged in”. Two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 are present and should accommodate all the devices you want to connect at the same time. In case you want to connect another monitor to this you’re free to do so through the unit’s HDMI output.

You can choose either cable to connect to Internet (via the desktop’s 1000Mbps RJ-45 port), or a wireless person opts for the built-in WiFi card (802.11n standard with Bluetooth 4.0).

You can work with discs no problem, a 8X DVD burner is included for that. Slipping in memory cards works too, thanks to the SD card reader on this HP 24-g030.

What other interesting things it has?

You’re getting a full-blown 24 inches monitor here! It’s of course a Full HD supporting screen with 10-point touch support. The panel seems to be IPS, In-Plane Switching, which traditionally brings good viewing angles (around 180 degrees I’ve noticed).

The desktop has one webcam, a front-facing unit on top of display.

Keyboard and mouse are included and they have wires.


All-in-One desktop can’t, in my opinion, get much better than HP 24-g030. It has very nice components for the money and you can be sure that any software will bow to its will. Likewise the monitor is decent, watching a movie or three shall be enjoyable on the Full HD resolution. You just have to be careful with games, but otherwise the HP should be pure joy. So, do check it out!

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