HP 24-g020 All-in-One Desktop review

December 16, 2016
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As I often say, All-in-One desktops shine in one department: convenience. When you buy one you get a computer ready to rock – it just needs a power outlet and five minutes to set up Windows. HP 24-g020 is such a desktop, and based on reviews it has received, the computer might be a worthwhile choice… But don’t be too hasty, read this review before!

General performance

The AMD A8-7410 processor brings four cores, 2.2GHz base speed and 2.5GHz turbo boost into play. It’s not the most powerful of processors, indeed at the same level than Core i3s from the Intel’s 4th generation family. But rest assured, the AMD is still very sufficient for day-to-day operations, and I’ve even seen people use it for image editing and such.

This model contains 8GB RAM, a single DDR3L 1600MHz stick. There are no empty sockets on the mainboard which means the memory is maxed out already.

The storage space is brought by 1TB 7200RPM hard drive. Indeed not the fastest choice, it at least offers so much space for your files. I know that with enough skills you can upgrade it to SSD, but it’s going to be a tougher job here than with traditional desktop units.

Is this good choice for gaming?

Sadly, the graphics of HP 24-g020 are only powered by AMD Radeon R5, an integrated unit with performance close to older models from the Intel HD Graphics set. So, you’re not going to enjoy full eye candy while playing games here. You’ll get 20-30 frames per second on demanding games such as Grand Theft Auto 5 and Battlefield 4, and that’s on low settings and 1366×768 resolution. But I understand many people play only easier titles such as DayZ or League of Legends, for those this desktop suffices well!

Tell me about its ports

Aye aye, captain! HP 24-g020 doesn’t have too great selection of ports, but I’d say the basics are covered. You will find four USB connectors in the back, with two of them being USB 3.0. Next to them is HDMI-output which means that another monitor can be plugged in – yep, you’ll get a dual display setup then.

The desktop offers two ways to get networked. First, there’s RJ-45 (Gigabit) port in the back for network cable. Second, a built-in wireless adapter exists. It works with the 802.11n WiFi standard and Bluetooth.

For your disc needs the desktop includes a DVD burner. And in case you fancy memory cards, SD card slot is present as well.

Miscellaneous yet important things

Expect a decent display from HP 24-g020, it’s a 24-inches Full HD screen you’re getting. It shouldn’t differ from a separate PC monitor. In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel type brings essentially wide viewing angles – around 180 degrees – so many people can watch at the screen simultaneously. There’s a webcam in the top bezel, just like notebooks have.

Surely keyboard and mouse are included but keep in mind they have cords.

Summing it up

In my opinion, HP 24-g020 is an All-in-One desktop geared towards power users. There are many things it can do and plenty of software it can run, including the heavyweight favorite Photoshop. Of course also simpler stuff is possible, I’ve seen college students and families get this HP or its other versions. The only thing you might find disappointing is gaming performance, but otherwise it’s a good deal for AiO desktop seekers!

One thought on “HP 24-g020 All-in-One Desktop review

  1. Jerry Evangelista

    I bought all-in-one computer because I have simple needs: spreadsheets, access, and visual studio. I’m not a gamer, nor do I want a gaming computer, yet the vast majority of reviews always compare the computer to what games it can play. All I want is to do my work, stream videos, browse the internet, do my work, and edit photos. That’s what this type of computer is designed for. If I wanted a gaming computer, I would buy a gaming computer, or just use my game console. And that’s what the majority of people who buy all in ones need it for.


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