HP 24-g016 All-in-One Desktop Review

September 12, 2016
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If you are the kind of person who doesn’t want to buy his computer parts and peripherals separately, then All-in-One desktop like HP 24-g016 should be a decent choice. It’s a computer with monitor and input devices, and looking at the spec sheet there should also be performance for lag-free, smooth operations. But let’s not put our judge’s wig on just yet, a closer look must be taken first…

The good

The obvious advantage of HP 24-g016 is that the desktop includes everything to get you started with. There’s the actual system unit, a display and wired keyboard and mouse. The 23.8″ screen of course supports 1920×1080 resolution and IPS panel (should make viewing angles around 180 degrees), however it’s not a touch sensitive display. With this kind of setup you need not to buy any peripherals separately, that is quite convenient if you ask me.

The performance is good for lightweight computer use (Google Chrome, emails, even YouTube). Intel Pentium J3710 is a basic level quad-core processor with 2.6GHz clock speed, and it receives ~2000 points in CPU Mark benchmark. In the memory section you will find 8GB DDR3L type RAM, a sufficient amount for the home user.

The neutral

The storage drive of HP 24-g016 could be better, the current one is the old school platter-based drive with 1TB storage capacity and 7200RPM speed. But it’s decent, and don’t forget that you can upgrade it to solid-state drive if you want and know how to!

The ports to connect devices are two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 in the back panel. There’s also one video output (HDMI) allowing to connect another monitor to this desktop if you like.

You can get Internet access with the 1000Mbps RJ-45 (network cable) port, or then you can use the WiFi adapter which supports 802.11bgn standard and Bluetooth 4.0.

DVD burner is included so you can read and create CDs and DVDs. In addition, the built-in SD(HC/XC) card reader can be used for data transfers.

The bad

Intel HD 405 is the name of the unit taking care of graphics in HP 24-g016. If you know something about these things you can see it’s an integrated one. And they are never good for gaming. To add insult to injury, also the Pentium processor is rather feeble for the players. So in practice, the desktop is not suitable for newer games like Grand Theft Auto 5, Far Cry 4 or Battlefield 4. The older the game is, the better it will work: League of Legends and Minecraft on minimum settings run alright.


HP 24-g016 is a proper desktop for day-to-day computing activities, such as browsing and editing papers (or even photos). For those tasks the Pentium processor and 8GB memory are sufficient, however gaming is very off-limits due to integrated graphics card on the processor. But the good thing is, if you’re not a gamer, you will get a complete computer set for an affordable price – so do check this HP out!

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