HP 24-g010 All-in-One Desktop Review

December 16, 2016
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There is one unbeatable feature about All-in-One desktops: you get a whole computer, there’s no need to buy anything separately, so just plug it in and start doing whatever you want. One of the more popular AiOs, as they are called, is HP 24-g010. Because so many people have bought it, the HP should be decent at least – but before making your move read my opinion about it below!

Performance in general

You can compare the performance of HP 24-g010 to a desktop with Intel Core i3 processor, a 4th generation one. The HP’s processor is AMD A8-7410 and it’s indeed similar to those Core i3s. The AMD is a quad-core chip with 2.2GHz clock speed and 2.5GHz turbo, and the four cores is always ideal if you’re into multitasking.

4GB RAM (DDR4 2133MHz) is available, it’s a decent baseline amount. Yet, installing more is possible – but only if you replace the current stick. There are no extra slots inside!

You won’t find too fancy storage drive inside, just a 1TB 7200RPM hard drive – yes, the platter based one. I say that upgrading it is possible, however not as easy as in conventional desktop units.

Would this rig work for gaming?

Well, HP 24-g010 has integrated graphics, so there’s that problem. The AMD Radeon R5 chip is comparable to older Intel HD graphics units. So, you won’t get good frame rates if the name of your game is GTA (~25FPS) or Battlefield 4 (~30FPS) even if you decrease eye candy to minimum. That being said, titles such as CS: Go run smooth if you use low to medium settings.

What are its ports and connections?

If you want to get Internet connection via cable you can use the desktop’s Gigabit RJ-45 port. Granted, there’s also a WiFi adapter, it supports the 802.11n standard. Bluetooth works too.

There are four USB connectors at your disposal. Of them, two are USB 2.0 and two are USB 3.0. Traditional desktops often offer more, but then again this unit is smaller. Also HDMI-output is found on this device so another monitor can be connected.

The unit comes with a DVD burner as well as a media card reader.

What else to keep in mind?

The screen of HP 24-g010 is pretty much like any desktop monitor. The diagonal is 24 inches, with maximum resolution being 1920×1080. If you’re interested in details, the panel type IPS brings viewing angles that are close to 180 degrees from sides. Like with laptops, the webcam is located in the upper bezel.

Wired keyboard and mouse are shipped with this computer.


HP 24-g010 is one of the better priced All-in-One desktops for home, college and office use. Surely it can not brag about bleeding-edge performance, but the components are decent enough for the most used programs. The best thing of course is the ease of use due to included monitor and input devices. If these things are more your cup of tea than extreme performance, this HP should be a good desktop for you!

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