HP 24-b230 All-in-One Desktop Review

April 26, 2017
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Today, All-in-One desktop is a good alternative to traditional desktop unit. The reason is obvious: you’re getting a plug and play solution with display and all included. All-in-Ones come for different uses, from lightweight home desktops to power user systems. The computer we’re taking a look at today, the HP 24-b230, seems to be in between. I’ll tell you more about my findings about this unit below.

Is it fast enough for my software needs?

To answer the question, most probably yes. Inside HP 24-b230 are quite a powerful bunch of components – starting with the Intel Core i5-7400T processor. They keywords here are Kaby Lake architecture, four cores, 2.4GHz clock speed and 3.0GHz turbo boost. Like all 7th generation processors, also the i5 is quite a new one, having been brought to market in the late 2016. With the ~6400 CPU Mark points it gets the i5-7400T can be categorized as power user processor, easily.

Very typical for All-in-Ones, also HP 24-b230 comes with a platter-based hard drive. The hard drive’s raw storage size is one terabyte, which equals to around two hundred thousand image files in real life. That is a lot of data you can save here! The spindle speed is 7200RPM and interface SATA 3. Space for additional drives doesn’t exist unfortunately, but an adept hardware guy should be able to swap the current drive to a solid-state drive if he wanted.

The memory this HP uses is 8GB DDR4 2133MHz. That is pretty much the amount I recommend for 99% of users these days, even many gamers are good with that. Nonetheless, if you’re wanting to upgrade, the maximum is 16GB according to user manual. Just keep in mind both memory slots are already taken, the configuration is 2x4GB sticks.

And when it comes to gaming?

Gaming is a different kind of beast, for which HP 24-b230 isn’t fully prepared. This desktop lacks a real graphics card, a dedicated one that would tackle games left and right. Instead, it has a slower integrated graphics card in the processor, called Intel HD 630. There are games which run fine on it, such as sports games (FIFAs etc.), Counter-Strike: Go, even GTA 5 on lower settings. But most newer games will be lagging a bit at least, and you are still forced to use minimum settings and low resolutions. It is sadly not possible to install dedicated graphics card because of size restrictions – besides, the mainboard doesn’t even have PCI-e x16 slot!


How’s the selection of ports?

There are few useful ports you can utilize on HP 24-b230. It has five USB connectors in total. Of those, two are USB 2.0 and two USB 3.1 (the other USB 3 supports charging). In addition, there is also the newer USB Type-C port with smaller connector.

The desktop contains one video port, the HDMI output. You can connect a monitor to that and use the HP through two displays – its own and the one you connect to HDMI. Bear in mind there are no HDMI inputs on this system – so you can not utilize its own screen with devices such as satellite box or gaming consoles.

You have choices with networking. There is a Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 port for cables. But to be honest, most people prefer the hassle-free wireless method, which this desktop also supports. There’s a WiFi adapter with 802.11ac dual-band transmission technology, in another words long range and high bandwidth rates. Bluetooth 4.2 is featured too.

Having an internal DVD burner on computers is becoming a bit old-school but this HP still has one, on the right side. Also available is a memory card reader for SD, SDHC and SDXC cards. One good use for that is uploading the photos from your digital camera to this computer.

Does the desktop offer any more benefits?

Yes, the display. HP 24-b230 has a decent 23.8 inches touch display. It supports Full HD resolution which should be good enough for recreational use – Quad HD and the like are more for hardcore movie fans and professional digital artists. The panel on this display is IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology which often means viewing angles almost 180 degrees and colors that look pretty accurate. The top display also contains a webcam so you can use Skype video and other similar programs.

The desktop includes keyboard and mouse. And this is neat: they are both wireless!


As its ad copy says, HP 24-b230 is a family-friendly All-in-One desktop. I can vouch for that – there is something for every member of the family, be it movies watching, office applications, web browsing or even lightweight gaming. Heck, pretty much all software in 2017 will run flawlessly on this rig. Gaming capacities are indeed a bit limited as there is no dedicated graphics card operating inside. The display at 24 inches and 1080p resolution is pleasant to look at, with the screen responding to touch commands. This machine will fit the bill for those wanting a powerful yet tolerably priced All-in-One desktop.

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