HP 23-q014 Review

September 23, 2015
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Do you want a convenient All-in-One desktop that has a pretty good performance, too? I’d say HP 23-q014 is worthy of consideration. The unit features a nice 23″ Full HD display and decent components in the engine room, namely the i3 processor and 8GB system memory. But the price also happens to be bit high, which makes one wonder about the value this HP offers? Well, I’ll tell you more about that below…

What kind of software does it run?

HP 23-q014 is equipped with an entry-level processor called Intel Core i3-4160T. It is a 4th Generation dual-core model, offering a 3.1GHz clock speed (no turbo available) and a lowish 4400 CPU Mark grade. It’s far from a beast, but common programs like web browser, text editors and spreadsheets are all this HP can handle with ease.

The memory amount is excellent 8GB (DDR3L 1600MHz type), you don’t really need more than that for everyday computing. But if you have a good reason to upgrade, there’s nothing stopping you: the motherboard has one free DIMM slot, you can put up to 8GB stick there which would give you the maximum 16GB memory.

It’s a hard drive what you will get for storage, so a lot of space – exactly one terabyte – is guaranteed. If you’re wondering how much that is in real life, it’s comparable to around 200 DVDs full of data or two hundred thousand high quality images. But if you’re more concerned about system performance you might want to get another drive to replace the current 7200RPM hard drive with. I’m talking about those fast solid-state drives, they make computer feel a lot faster to operate. If you’re tech savvy you can upgrade yourself or ask your buddy with tech skills to do that for you.

Can I also use it for gaming?

With HP 23-q014, gaming is a so-so activity. You can play many games but the different question is, are you happy without high frame rates and a lot of eye candy? The graphics engine is integrated Intel HD 4400 so you can’t expect great gaming performance here. You’ll surely find that out if you’re into heavyweight games. GTA 5, for example, will require 1366×768 resolution and low details to run at 20-25 frames per second. On the other, the less demanding Counter-Strike: Go is going to give you around 30FPS played with maxed out settings and 720p.

Does it have a good display?

HP 23-q014 has a 23 inches display with a full set of useful features. Let’s begin with the Full HD support – the only acceptable resolution for this size – which guarantees a lot of screen estate. Also, the panel type is professional IPS which gives you very decent color accuracy and viewing angles. In addition, the screen is touch sensitive which might be a good thing with Windows 8 (however Windows 10 is rumored to be friendly for the keyboard and mouse users once again). And reading other user reports, a lot of people said the monitor is great, indeed it seems to be one of the better things in this desktop.

What devices can I connect?

HP 23-q014 features six USB port in total (two are USB 3.0, located under the display). You can connect various peripherals to those, including modern printers. The back panel also features HDMI output, you can plug in a second monitor (like HDTV) to that.

There’s a DVD burner crammed in to the system unit, you don’t need to get any external optical drives for this HP. A memory card reader is included as well, it supports SD, SDHC and SDXC type cards often found in digital cameras.

You have two options to get this computer connected to your modem or router. First, there’s a Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45) port if you want to use wire. Second, the system features an internal 802.11b/g/n WiFi + Bluetooth 4.0 card for a wireless option.

There’s a 720p webcam embedded in the screen bezel, you can say hello to your friends or family in Skype video chat.

Some other things I should know?

HP 23-q014 comes with wireless keyboard and mouse. Operating system is Windows 8.1 (64-bit), but you can upgrade free to Windows 10.


HP 23-q014 has a lot of advantages, looking at the specifications and user reports I’d dare to say the monitor is one of the better parts here. The 23 inches Full HD IPS panel should be pleasant to look at, even so pleasant that a professional working with graphics should find this monitor good enough. Performance-wise, the HP is not a real powerhouse but there’s nothing Core i3 processor together with 8GB RAM couldn’t do for a home or perhaps office user. You won’t be playing many games full of fancy graphics, but for other, non-gaming uses this HP should be a good pick.

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