HP 22-b010 Budget All-in-One Desktop Review

December 13, 2016
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An inexpensive All-in-One desktop probably looks like the real deal for you: monitor and input devices are included so it works right out of the box, and perhaps the best thing, you won’t make your wallet sad by getting such a computer. But is HP 22-b010 really worth it? I took a look at it, notes you will find below…

General performance

The processor is AMD A6-7310, a quad-core chip from 2015 presenting 2.0GHz clock speed and 2.4GHz turbo. Now, if you were to compare it to better known models, Intel Core i3 processors from the mobile 4th generation set are a good target (CPU Mark score ~2500 on this AMD). True, the AMD is not a real powerhouse, but for home/office/student use definitely enough!

Storage drive is rather plain, a 1TB 7200RPM model hooked to SATA interface. I don’t think many users mind that, however those who do can upgrade it to SSD. It can be tricky because the insides are so crammed but upgrading is possible if you know what you’re doing.

It is 4GB DDR3L 1600MHz memory you get here, the manual says that mainboard has two memory slots. What this means, the other slot is free, and maximum RAM should be 16GB.

Does the desktop work for gaming?

HP 22-b010 is no gaming machine. The integrated AMD Radeon R4 is far from a great graphics chip. Newer (or demanding) games are in real trouble, for example Battlefield 4 would likely get ~20FPS only on minimum settings and resolution. But, it gets much better if you’re into simple games such as Sims 4 and Counter-Strike: Go. They run here like nobody’s business!

Ports and connections

In HP 22-b010 there are four USB ports, the division is two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0. You’ll need to plug in the keyboard and mouse to those, and also other devices you might have, such as external drive. One HDMI-output (no input) is offered, if you have another monitor you can connect that in.

To Internet you can connect with two methods: the cabled way with Gigabit RJ-45 in the back panel, or then use the built-in 802.11bgn WiFi card with Bluetooth 4.0.

DVD burner and media card reader are found in the unit.

What miscellaneous things are there?

Well, just remember that the monitor is like your average desktop display: a 21.5″ screen, 1920×1080 resolution support and IPS panel (= brings ~180 degree viewing angles). But indeed, the system components are crammed into the rear side of that monitor. The top front panel embeds a webcam for Skype video sessions and such.

The keyboard and mouse that come are not wireless, they have cords.

Operating system is the good old Windows 10 Home (64-bit).


HP 22-b010 is a popular All-in-One, and for a reason. If you buy a system unit and monitor separately it will be much more expensive than this HP. But the affordability doesn’t mean bad performance here: the AMD A6 is a decent processor and for working with spreadsheets, web surfing and video streaming this rig is all good. Games are naturally a different beast, but no AiO in this price category will be great for players. Anyway, the HP has many uses, and if you value convenience & simplicity, choosing it should make great sense!

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