HP 17-p120wm Laptop Review

July 25, 2016
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The budget laptop market is one of the biggest ones – an inexpensive notebook is sufficient for most folks, and who anyway likes to spend a lot of money on a laptop? Not many people I’d dare to say. Well, this HP 17-p120wm is made for lightweight use, for those people who need a decent home laptop. Let’s see if it’s up for this task or should you choose something completely different…

The good

Remember that HP 17-p120wm is rather big computer. It features that 17.3 inches screen which makes it decent for entertainment use, like watching movies. But you won’t get Full HD resolution, only 1600×900 maximum. Touch isn’t supported but it’s not that important with Windows 10 if you ask me. You’ll find a front-facing VGA webcam on top of the display, it’s not wonderful but good for occasional Skype video chatting.

The components aren’t top-notch however enough for home use. For example, the processor is AMD A8-7050. It’s a dual-core chip with 1.8Ghz clock speed and 3.0Ghz turbo. Those numbers look good, but it’s still a low-end unit with only ~2200 points in CPU Mark achieved. It’s similar or little slower than Intel Core i3s of the 4th generation. The memory is basic 4GB and specifications say the RAM slot is not user accessible (hence, not upgradeable).

The hard drive is nice 750GB one, you’ll fit myriads of files there before it fills up (to be honest I don’t think you will ever reach the limit).

The bad

The graphics performance of HP 17-p120wm is quite poor. I mean, it’s OK for videos, but for gaming it’s bad because of the integrated Radeon R5 chip. Titles that aren’t demanding, such as League of Legends or Counter-Strike: Go surely do run, but try throwing in Battlefield 4 or Fallout 4. You’ll be rather disappointed, those heavy games would hardly run even on minimum settings.

Beware of the hard drive performance, the 5400RPM unit isn’t that fast. If you want a quick fix to boost up the system, you can take out that drive and put in an SSD.

Miscellaneous things

HP 17-p120wm contains a regular battery (4-cell 41Whr), there’s no operating time mentioned but you will get the usual 4 hours web surfing before a recharge is needed.

The notebook offers you various ports so you can connect your favorite devices. There are one USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 at your disposal; also HDMI-out is included for plugging in a secondary monitor.

Networking options are 100Mbps RJ-45 port and WiFi adapter (802.11n standard, Bluetooth doesn’t seem to be supported).

SuperMulti DVD burner is installed on the system. Also memory card reader is present, it supports the SD format.

Unfortunately, backlit keyboard is not included here.


HP 17-p120wm is far from a powerhouse but the low price justifies this. You’ll still be able to throw YouTube videos, text editing software or very lightweight games at this rig and run them fine. There are also USB ports present to beef up the system with some peripherals. Just don’t expect it to run blazing fast like a thousand dollar laptop and you’ll be fine with this simple HP, trust me!

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