HP 17-f010us Review

January 27, 2015
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Is it a neat looking grey HP 17-f010us you’re after? Advertisement says “serious performance” which might be spot on looking at the core components this laptop has. But let’s not be too quick to deal out ratings here. It’s time to examine this laptop further below.


HP 17-f010us has a quad-core AMD A6-6310 processor running on 1.8 – 2.4GHz depending on the turbo boost. It compares to some 2013 Intel Core i3 models, so calling it a modern CPU is still justified. Use for everyday computing and some advanced software is possible, with gaming limited to the performance integrated Radeon R4 chip can offer.

4GB memory is installed by default. That is the average size for a present-day laptop, but I’m pretty sure it’s expandable (at least) to 8GB if you feel the need. The current four gigabytes is installed on one chip, so simply swapping it for a bigger one should be possible.

750GB storage space on a regular hard drive is offered. It’s a compromise between basic 500GB and a splurge 1024GB drive, giving you lots of space to store your data to. For example, a vacation goer could easily store 10,000s of his holiday snapshots there. If you prefer an SSD over a hard drive, replacing the latter for a solid-state drive is viable strategy on this laptop.

The notebook runs on Windows 8.1 (64-bit edition).

Screen and graphics

The non-touch display on HP 17-f010us is 17.3″ diagonal, good for movie watching, bad for portability. The resolution is 1600×900 which should satisfy most, save the Full HD purists.

AMD Radeon R4 (Beema) is the graphics engine of this HP. If you’re more familiar with Intel side, this Radeon R4 can be compared to low-tier Intel HD chips, such as the famous HD 4000 model. This means, depending on your definition on playable, that many older games should run alright. This includes Minecraft, Trackmania, CS:Go, with the latter reaching 50-60FPS on low settings. If you want to play new games, the Radeon R4 might just work. Battlefield 4 should get ~25 frames per second with fancy graphics turned off.


There’s nothing surprising about HP 17-f010us’s ports. Mainly the USB setup is solid: two USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0 instead of the other way around. The usual HDMI out is there, allowing for plugging the laptop to a HDTV or PC display.

A 100Mbps Ethernet port and WiFi adapter allow you to connect Internet with or without wire. Bluetooth, at least according to official specifications, isn’t supported.

Being a large laptop the HP boasts an optical drive. Burning CDs and DVDs is possible. There’s also a media card reader for SD cards installed.

The notebook can be used for video activities since it has a HD webcam and a digital microphone.

Some other things to consider?

HP 17-f010us weighs 6.23 pounds, mediocre one for a 17.3″ laptop. Now, it has only a 4-cell battery, but somebody commented about a good battery life. The listed duration is 5 hours 15 minutes but based on my experience reaching that rarely happens.

The keyboard is not backlit. It contains a 10-key numeric pad on the right.

Some people said it’s a slow computer. Well, at least its components shouldn’t make it so. Reason for possible slowness might be bloatware. Once you uninstall it, start up times and probably overall user experience too will improve a lot.


HP 17-f010us is a laptop good for everyday use, with emphasis perhaps on entertainment due to a large screen. All video streaming services would work on it, as well as some games. If you’re wondering about comments stating it’s slow, it’s not due to the specifications, but because of the unwanted software which can be get rid of easily. Once you do that, the laptop should reach the speed it really deserves.

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