HP 15-r210dx Review

May 11, 2015
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HP 15-r210dx gained some popularity because it was offered at a huge discount on some E-commerce shops. These deals seem to be gone by now, but some E-stores (including Amazon) still offer the laptop for a good price. Because of that, and the solid components (i5 processor to name one), we were excited to take a closer look at the product here.


The interesting thing in HP 15-r210dx is its processor. Usually for this price, you see something weaker than a Core i5. But here it is, an i5-5200U from the 5th Generation of Intel processors. It boasts a 2.2GHz clock speed and 2.7GHz turbo on a dual-core setup. It’s a speedy CPU, although a low-voltage model, so it won’t quite reach performance levels the “regular” Core i5s have. Nonetheless, a great pick for such a low price, and most users at home or office will be very satisfied with the i5-5200U.

The laptop has 6GB memory, again very good for the money. It’s installed on 2 DIMM modules, and I don’t see a reason why the RAM wouldn’t be upgradeable. These notebooks usually take 16GB memory, but remember that you have to remove at least one of the chips in order to install more – no empty slots are available.

The hard drive is 750GB big running on 5400RPM speed. Laptops in this price category often have a half terabyte drive, so this computer has an edge over them. You can also swap the HDD for a solid-state drive if you wish. That will up the system speed, reducing boot up and program loading times a lot.

Display and graphics

HP 15-r210dx comes with 15.6-inch display. People pointed out the display is the weakest link, offering a subpar 1366×768 resolution and no touch support. That is the “price” you have to pay for a cheap notebook. I don’t think many casual users mind, but understandably techies and professionals would like to see a screen with better specifications.

Gaming on this rig is not unheard of, the i5 processor contains Intel HD 5500 graphics engine. It’s an upgrade from the previous models, although it’s an integrated unit nonetheless. It’s estimated to give ~30FPS on games like Battlefield 4 with medium settings and the screen’s native resolution. Lighter titles, like the popular League of Legends and Counter-Strike: GO will work with better frame rates.


HP 15-r210dx has connections similar to its competitors. Three USB ports are available, although just one of them is USB 3.0. The HDMI output can be used with HDTV or desktop display. Networking consists of a 100Mbps RJ-45 port and 802.11b/g/n WiFi. To my knowledge, Bluetooth is not enabled.

You can create CDs and DVDs on this laptop, there’s a built-in SuperMulti DVD burner. An SD media card reader is featured as well, allowing for image uploads from digital cameras.

The notebook has a webcam, although it only supports VGA resolution. That’s not the greatest quality for video meetings but should suffice for occasional chats.

Any other noteworthy things?

HP 15-r210dx weighs 4.9 pounds. Somebody said it’s heavy, but to be honest, most 15.6″ laptops weigh the same. The 3-cell battery shouldn’t last too long, 3-4 hours on web browsing.

The keyboard has a numeric keypad on its right. However, keys are not illuminated on this model which is not a surprise considering the low cost.

Summing it up

HP 15-r210dx wouldn’t really stand out from the budget notebook crowd if you didn’t know its price. But because it’s so cheap, the laptop is almost irresistible. You’ll be getting a nice i5 processor, 6GB RAM and 750GB hard drive to play with. Those are solid components with enough power for almost anybody – save the folks with extremely demanding software and multitasking requirements. The display on this model is nothing to be too proud of, but again, for this price you can’t ask for miracles. If you want a decent laptop with great value, I would certainly recommend checking this HP out.

5 thoughts on “HP 15-r210dx Review

  1. Kay

    This may be the dumbest question, but “Where is the SD Card reader on this new laptop I just bought?”
    I got home loaded software and got up and running, ready to upload some photos and I can’t find the slot for the care!!!

      1. Kay

        Thank you, TFP!
        i saw the slot. There’s a tiny embossed ‘pic’ that appears to indicate the card’s notched corner should be in upper right corner, but card doesn’t want to slide in, and I’m afraid to force.

      2. Kay

        Gingerly tried again, adding a little jiggle, and it slipped in.
        Thank you!!!
        You made an old lady’s day.
        Hope you have a great one.


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