HP 15-r154nr Review

January 14, 2015
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Do you want a laptop with touch display? HP 15-r154nr could be one option. It also features a powerful Core i3 processor and runs on the latest Windows 8.1. Many other laptops do, too, so what makes this exact model stand out from the crowd? I’ll tell you my opinion about this notebook’s performance and important features below.

The performance

A 4th generation Intel Core i3-4030U is responsible for the processing power of HP 15-r154nr. It’s not that old, released in mid-2014, and clocks at 1.9GHz on two cores. i3 series (and up) can be considered decent CPUs for most tasks, including those requiring extra oomph from your computer (multitasking, programming etc). The graphics engine Intel HD 4400 is adequate for many titles, given that you keep eye candy settings at bay.

8GB of memory is installed on the laptop by default. On some websites it’s said the maximum RAM is 8GB as well, so you probably can’t install more. But that’s not an issue because eight gigabytes will take you far now and also in the next couple of years easily.

The hard drive in this model is a spacious 1024GB HDD. A common budget laptop comes with a smaller one, and a full terabyte can house 100s of games and videos if you choose to store your big files locally. The downside is, of course, the 5400RPM speed which can’t compete with lightning fast solid-state drives.

Touchscreen might be the most interesting feature in HP 15-r154nr. It’s 15.6″ big and has resolution of 1366×768. I can’t vouch for that resolution if you’re a professional, but everyday computing should work fine on that. And remember: it’s not that Full HD content wouldn’t show at all on this screen – 1920×1080 videos will just be downscaled to fit this display, so you can indeed watch videos with different original resolutions.

Windows 8.1 (64-bit) is the operating system of this computer.

How’s gaming?

HP 15-r154nr may work for gaming. The Core i3 + Intel HD 4400 should run Battlefield 3/4 on around 25FPS on low settings. The famous Minecraft or League of Legends would have much better frame rates, as would basically all titles two years old or more. Some latest, top-notch graphics games probably have too poor FPS. The lighter or older the game, the bigger chances there are for it to work.


Connections of low-mid range laptops are basically similar, all the time. HP 15-r154nr is not an exception. It features three USB ports of which one is USB 3.0. A HDMI output is present for external monitor or HDTV support.

Internet connectivity consists of a 100Mbps Ethernet port and a 1×1 802.11b/g/n WiFi. There’s no Bluetooth support, but you can get it with a cheap USB dongle.

Optical drive is available on the right hand side of HP 15-r154nr. It allows for CD and DVD burning. An SD media card reader is installed, too.

You can use the HP’s front-facing high-definition webcam for video meetings and conferences.

Is there anything else to consider?

HP 15-r154nr has quite an average weight of 5.34 pounds. It features a 4-cell battery which should work for three or four hours on a single charge.

The non-backlit keyboard contains a 10-key numpad which comes handy if you need to use number keys very often.

I had a look at the official product specs and surprise surprise, found out there’s a lot of software pre-installed. That is mostly useless HP bloatware which you can get rid of by simply uninstalling them.

Summing it up

HP 15-r154nr is a well-performing laptop with excellent storage space and plenty of memory. To balance these, a faster processor wouldn’t have been a bad idea, but generally 4th Gen Core i3 is a speedy CPU good for all daily tasks and occasional demanding work, too. Another point worthy of mentioning is the touchscreen: it’s precious to many, but obviously ups the price to a degree. If you don’t require touch display don’t pay for it. If you do, this notebook seems like an okay value for the price.

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