HP 15-p390nr Laptop Review

November 25, 2015
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HP 15-p390nr is a mid-range 15.6″ laptop, the most popular notebook style I’d say. So, is there anything that would make it stand out from the crowd? At least the design looks cool: the chassis is red-gray instead of the old silver gray color. But looks is just one element one should base his judgement on, there are other things to keep in mind as well…

General performance

It is not Intel this laptop relies on. Instead, in the engine room you can find AMD A10-7300, a quad-core CPU comparable to faster 4th generation Core i3s. The low clock speed of 1.9GHz is somewhat balanced by the 3.2GHz turbo, and in CPU Mark this unit gets a respectable 3000 points. Whether you toss a Photoshop or web browser at it, everything should be handled without problems.

The notebook has a lot of RAM, 8GB, installed. Some merchant listings say it’s already capped (there’s one 8GB DIMM inside). Hard drive is a plain 1TB 5400RPM model, not fast one but offering a plenty of space for those who need it. The drive can be swapped for an SSD if you want.

Let’s not forget there’s only integrated graphics engine, not a dedicated one, available. That being said, the Radeon R6 isn’t the slowest integrated chip, it can be compared to Intel HD 5500. But you will still have to use conservative settings to get good frame rates, for example Crysis 3 gives ~25FPS on low/medium and 1366×768 resolution.

What ports and connections does it have?

For the joy of DVD users, the HP contains an optical drive that burns and reads CDs and DVDs. Also SD media card slot is available for additional means of data transfer.

Ports include three USBs, two are USB 3.0 and one is USB 2.0. The only video output is HDMI, however that should suffice for pretty much any casual user.

This laptop can be connected to Internet via the single-band b/g/n WiFi adapter or the 100Mbps RJ-45 jack on the side. Bluetooth 4.0 will work, too.

HD webcam is available, likely to support 1280×720 video resolution.

Miscellaneous yet important things

The 15.6″ screen of this HP features 1366×768 resolution, nothing fancier than that. It is a touch enabled display.

The operating time is 4-5 hours with the included 4-cell 41Whrs battery.

At 5.62 pounds the laptop is quite heavy for a 15-incher.

The keyboard does not have backlight feature. Operating system is pre-loaded Windows 10 Home.

Summing it up

Frankly, HP 15-p390nr is not a very special notebook. It contains a good CPU, healthy amount of RAM and big hard drive all enough to satisfy a power user, but the design would be the only thing that differentiates it from competitors. Also, keep in mind it’s not a lightweight model, travelers beware of that. If you choose this HP, chances are you won’t be disappointed but don’t expect it to blow your mind, either.

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