HP 15-g010nr Review

November 10, 2014
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Being on hunt for the perfect budget laptop you might’ve come across HP 15-g010nr. It’s one of the latest members to the HP’s line of low-end laptops, with main components of AMD processor, four gigabytes of RAM and Windows 8 as the operating system. Well, here at Tech For Pennies we like to delve a little deeper into the matter, and tell you if such a budget HP would be noteworthy choice for you!

The essentials

The heart of HP 15-g010nr is made from AMD E2-6110 processor. It’s so called APU, accelerated processing unit, which means there are both CPU and graphics engine parts included. The CPU features 1.5GHz clock speed on four cores and as expected, some professional tests indicate it doesn’t offer much besides the basic performance. That would be enough for home or small office use, but gaming should definitely be left for more powerful notebooks.

The laptop has 4GB system memory. As far as I know, it’s not expandable, so you have to go with four gigabytes no matter what. However, that amount tends to be enough for wide array of uses, so chances are you’re not going to need more RAM anyway.

500GB storage space is offered, which is plenty for those who don’t store heaps of large files on their laptops. The drive runs on 5400 revolutions per minute, which can be considered slow compared to both 7200RPM hard drives and solid-state drives (especially the latter). The budget AMD processor doesn’t really help here with the speed, so again, getting this laptop for pure professional use is not adviced.

Graphics & display

What comes to graphics, HP 15-g010nr doesn’t really shine. It has integrated graphics chip called Radeon R2. It’s comparable to the more familiar Intel HD Graphics 4000, which means playing latest graphics-heavy games with high settings is unheard of. You might get away with those games if you lower the resolution and settings to bare minimum. However, your safest bet would be to play only the less demanding titles (Fifas, F1, Diablo III etc.), with which this graphics engine should reach FPS well above 20 even on medium settings.

The display of this laptop is 15.6″ big WLED-backlit non-touch screen. It’s advertised as HD which it is, but don’t be fooled to think it’s Full HD. The resolution of 1366×768 is alright for basic stuff, which in general is the intended use of this laptop ayway.


Most of the budget HPs seem to sport 3 USB ports. So does this HP 15-g010nr. One of those is the faster USB 3.0, so plug your most important peripheral into that one!

The laptop doesn’t have a VGA port, but there is HDMI output for external display support. Using this notebook through a HDTV is possible.

In addition to regular WiFi, there is an RJ-45 port that supports 10/100Mbps speeds. Bluetooth isn’t available out of the box.

As expected, there is a front-facing webcam installed on this HP for video meetings on Skype.

To upload data to this computer, you can use either the DVD drive (which also burns discs) or the memory card reader that supports SD format cards.

What else to keep in mind?

On the manufacturer’s site, the laptop is labeled as “ultraportable”. The laptop weighs 4.8 pounds, which I wouldn’t really call ultraportable. However, for travelers and other people on the go it’s still an acceptable weight like the battery life of 4.25 hours.

The operating system is pre-installed Windows 8.1 (64-bit). There are also other programs installed, such as McAfee LiveSafe one month trial.

Summing it up

I can’t see anything greatly wrong looking at the specs, but somebody who bought HP 15-g010nr commented it’s slow. I can understand that, since the trio of AMD budget processor, 4GB RAM and regular 500GB hard drive won’t take you far in terms of performance. However, if you just want a laptop for everyday computing, this HP should be powerful enough. It also offers rudimentary connectivity (some USB ports & HDMI) and average portability, so I can recommend this notebook with a grain of salt for those whose performance requirements are little.

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