HP 15-G007DX Review

December 17, 2014
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Laptops often look the same. A black or dark shell without any fancy colors. Plain and simple usually works, but there are also those who dare to look different. HP 15-G007DX belongs to that crowd, sporting a cool red design. It might be one of its selling points, but a purchase should’t certainly be made only with the looks in mind. Enter TechForPennies.com review team who will tell you what the laptop has inside and what’s it really about.

The essential things

Performance is probably the most important factor in a laptop. This one is powerful enough for everyday computing. The processor of HP 15-G007DX is AMD A8-6410, a common quad-core processor seen in budget laptops. Being a budget doesn’t really mean it’s bad: the turbo feature accelerates the 2.0GHz base speed up to 2.4GHz, and in comparison to its competitors the AMD performs similarly to Intel Core i3 processors. Again, for home and and office use it’s a very sufficient choice.

There’s 4GB DDR3L memory installed in the HP. As far as I know, the system supports up to 8GB RAM. However, as there’s only one memory slot on the mainboard you’d have to throw the old chip away first in order to upgrade the RAM.

The hard drive of HP 15-G007DX is slightly bigger than the usual budget laptop storage solution. Having a 750GB size, it offers plenty of space – for example my calculations show around 150 DVD movies could be stored there. However, what you gain in size you lose in speed: the drive runs only on 5400RPM so you won’t get speeds the modern solid state drives offer.

Display and graphics

I can’t say a lot of good things about the display. Not that I can say lot of bad about it, either. It’s just a regular 15.6″ screen. It’s not a Full HD but the 1366×768 resolution should suffice for everyday computing just fine. The operating system being Windows 8.1 (64-bit) on a non-touchscreen means you can’t try all of the new features the Microsoft’s latest has, though.

There’s an integrated graphics chip called AMD Radeon R5 (Beema) in this laptop. It compares to mid-range Intel HD Graphics engines, so in terms of performance it’s far from a true gaming card. That said, some new games like Sims 4 and the sports games (F1, Fifa etc.) would run with smooth FPS at least on low settings. Many heavyweight titles, including Battlefield 3/4 would just work on low settings, with frame rates hovering around 20. The popular Minecraft shouldn’t have any problems when eye candy and resolution are kept low.


For your peripherals HP 15-G007DX offers two USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0. In case you prefer using the laptop through an external desktop monitor or a HDTV you can do that through the laptop’s HDMI output.

The Internet connectivity doesn’t surprise for good or bad. There’s the basic 10/100Mbps Ethernet port and 802.11b/g/n WLAN ready to serve your networking needs. Bluetooth support isn’t there out of the box, but you can use a cheap USB dongle to fix that shortcoming.

There’s a DVD burner installed in the laptop, so reading and writing discs is possible. For other means of data transfer you can use the built-in SD memory card reader.

Obviously there’s also a webcam and microphone in this HP. The webcam is not HD but a regular VGA (640×480) one. That said, somebody who bought this laptop commented the webcam is good – indeed, the resolution isn’t everything that matters.

Other things to keep in mind

What comes to weight, HP 15-G007DX’s 4.8 pounds is perhaps slightly better than most 15.6″ laptops’. However, same can’t probably be said about the operating time. The 3-cell battery has life of only 3-4 hours.

Typical for basically every 15.6 incher, the non-backlit keyboard has a 10-key pad on right for quick numeric access. Good for those who need it, otherwise it may be just in your way.

You’ll get some free software pre-installed. Of course, its usefulness can be debated. The free month for McAfee antivirus is probably worth keeping, though.


HP 15-G007DX is a laptop of basic performance and good looks. For all the home and office users, also students, there’s nothing it couldn’t do. The A8-series AMD together with 4GB RAM will easily run all your web browsing, MS Office and video streaming activities. Many games would also work on it, but you would have to keep the settings and resolution low. There’s nothing really bad about the laptop – no important feature is missing for example – so if you’re after an everyday computer chances are you would find this HP a keeper.

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