HP 15-f305dx Review

September 10, 2015
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A cheap laptop might be interesting for those that just surf the web and send emails but don’t do much more demanding stuff on their computer. HP 15-f305dx is this kind of a simple laptop, with AMD A6 processor and 4GB RAM as its main components. Graphics engine is integrated, so some games can be played with less eye candy on. But are there other important things in this notebook, and would it be a recommended choice all in all? Read on and you’ll see…


There’s not a lot of performance in HP 15-f305dx – that shouldn’t come as a surprise, knowing the cheap(ish) price of this notebook. The computer runs on the AMD A6-5200 processor, a quad-core 2.0GHz chip without turbo. It’s very comparable to fourth generation Intel Core i3s, all of them receiving around 2500 points in CPU Mark. It’s not excellent, don’t try to use this laptop for very heavy work, but anything “lightweight” (such as web surfing) works fine.

The notebook comes with 4GB DDR3L SDRAM memory. A casual user isn’t likely to need more, power user perhaps is. There are two DIMM slots on the mainboard and only one is taken, meaning you can upgrade the memory to 8GB easily. Maximum RAM supported should be sixteen gigabytes.

You’ll get a regular 500GB 5400RPM hard drive for storage. I would not call it wonderful, although in absolute terms half a terabyte is still quite much – it can take ca. 100,000 images for example. You can also up the computer performance big time by replacing the drive with an SSD.

Display and graphics

I don’t notice anything special about the HP 15-f305dx display. The size is usual 15.6 inches, resolution 1366×768. Not a professional’s or graphics designer’s dream, but again, it goes for a home user. It is not a touchscreen, but it’s not a big deal with Windows 10 anyway.

Don’t use this laptop for hardcore gaming. It doesn’t have good enough graphics for that. The graphics engine is Radeon HD 8400, a slow integrated unit comparable to Intel HD 4000. As an example, you’ll get ~25FPS with Battlefield 4 played on low settings and 1024×768. So minimum eye candy and not great frame rates. Heavier games like GTA 5 and The Witcher 3 are pretty much unplayable. Minecraft, League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Go will work if you don’t up the settings too much.


HP 15-f305dx contains the usual three USB port – one of those is USB 2.0, beware of that. The rest two are USB 3.0. It’s also possible to connect a HDTV or PC display to the laptop’s HDMI port.

The laptop has 10/100Mbps Ethernet (RJ-45) connector and n-type WiFi card ready to connect you to Internet. Bluetooth is not available, but you can get that with USB adapter.

Optical drive is installed, creating and reading DVDs won’t be a problem. The unit also houses SD card reader, you’ll be able to use that with those tiny memory cards from cameras.

There’s a VGA webcam in front, allowing you to attend video meetings using Skype.

Miscellaneous things

HP 15-f305dx seems to weigh 4.82 pounds which is ounce or two less than the average. The notebook includes a 3-cell 31Whr battery, you’ll probably get around 4 hours out of it before a recharge is needed.

The keys won’t light up, but a numeric keypad is available on the unit.

Summing it up

There is nothing that makes HP 15-f305dx different from other budget laptops. It has a decent processor and enough RAM to keep common programs running and movies playing. Some low-level games will also work, but don’t try demanding types like GTA 5 – those would lag too much I’d say. If it’s a simple laptop for day-to-day computing you want, this HP is probably all you need.

2 thoughts on “HP 15-f305dx Review

  1. Denny

    I purchased an HP -15 f305dx and so far so good. I know the machine came from the factory with 4GB of DDR3L SDRAM with 2 DIMM slots(only 1 slot is populated). I’ve read a lot of opinions that it is upgrade able to 8GB, but I’m thinking it might be possible to upgrade it to 16GB. Does anyone have a definitive opinion opinion about the upgrade capabilities? I can live with an 8GB upgrade, but 16GB sounds a whole bunch better to me. TIA or your knowledge and opinions. One way or the other I want to order ram for it tonight, or in the very near future.

    Thanks Again!!


    1. Tech For Pennies Post author

      Hi Denny. Take a look at the specifications of this laptop. It says there are two user accessible memory slots, and the maximum memory these laptops with such a slot configuration support is 16GB, achievable with two 8GB sticks. I don’t see why this particular model would be any different.


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