HP 15-F222WM Budget Laptop Review

December 20, 2016
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Now, cheap price in laptop often means subpar quality and performance. Looking at HP 15-F222WM, one of the most affordable notebooks today, I can say it’s not a powerhouse. But don’t despair, it might be a good casual user’s notebook. And to find this out for sure we must delve deeper into the subject… read on for the answer!

Performance in general

Pentium, the number one processor back in the day, is not so glorious anymore. These days they are budget processors, and indeed, also HP 15-F222WM sports one: the Intel Pentium N3540. The good thing about this is quad-core setup, the clock speed is decent 2.2GHz with 2.7GHz turbo. But the processor will show its true face in benchmark tests, for example the popular CPU Mark gives it just 2000 points. That is less than even the older, 4th generation Core i3s got. So don’t expect this rig to work lag-free for things like Photoshop or video editing!

The storage drive doesn’t surprise me, a 500GB 5400RPM hard drive which you used to see in many laptops some years ago. But let’s not bash it too much – for a home user it’s probably all you need. And half a terabyte is very hard, if impossible, for such a person to fill up. It’s just that if you’re after great performance, you should upgrade to SSD!

There is 4GB memory installed on a single stick. The four gigabytes is good to begin with, however I can understand power users’ desire for more. The bright side is that you can upgrade at least to 8GB by replacing the current stick.

Is this good for gaming?

Not at all! HP 15-F222WM is bad for players. It’s the Bay Trail based Intel HD Graphics engine you’ll get, and sadly it’s about the slowest member of that family of integrated graphics cards. You can pretty much say goodbye to all new games, even the popular Grand Theft Auto 5 and Battlefield 4 won’t run here (FPS below or around 10, totally unplayable). Some older ones however work, such as Fifa 14 and CS: Go.

What ports does the notebook have?

There aren’t any extra ports in the laptop but that is understandable for a budget model. Three USB ports are waiting for your peripherals, one being USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0. Likewise HDMI-output is offered which happily accepts an external display (yes, some people like to use laptop with PC monitor).

Networks can be reached easily with the two adapters. One, the 100Mbps Ethernet LAN port serves the cable users. And two, there’s also 802.11n WiFi adapter for wireless. I’m afraid Bluetooth isn’t supported.

Like most laptops you’ll find a DVD burner here, and in addition a memory card reader (SD format) is installed.

Miscallenous but important things

The manufacturer says the battery on HP 15-F222WM lasts six hours, but I think four hours is closer to truth. What is more, I don’t think the 3-cell 31Wh battery unit can be replaced without disassembling the notebook.

I wouldn’t expect miracles from the display, it looks like a basic 15.6 inches touch display. The resolution is just 1366×768 which however isn’t the end of the world – difference between this and Full HD is minimal, very minimal. You’re going to find a VGA web camera there, too.

As you can guess, backlit keyboard is not available on this laptop..


Well, I can not say that HP 15-F222WM holds great performance, because it doesn’t. Actually far from it. But if your computer use only exists of mundane things like web surfing, watching a video sometimes from YouTube and paper editing, you don’t really need a powerhouse notebook. Instead, you want to buy something simple like this HP!

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