HP 15-f004wm Review

December 18, 2014
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HP 15-f004wm is a basic laptop with affordable, sub 300 dollars price tag. It has a 15 inches regular screen and Celeron-level performance. Quick look at the specs suggests it’s good for everyday computing, not so much for demanding applications. But making such a blunt conclusion already now is premature. Instead, let’s take a bit deeper look at this notebook below.

The main things

Intel Celeron N2830 is the processor of HP 15-f004wm. That model runs on two cores and has 2.16GHz frequency which the turbo feature can increase up to 2.4GHz. Known to many for low-level performance, Celerons belong to the entry-level category of Intel processors and are powerful enough at least for simple home and office use.

The laptop comes with 4GB RAM. That is installed on one DIMM which occupies the only memory slot on the mainboard. Chances are the system supports 8GB RAM so you could probably swap the existing chip for a larger one.

Storage is no better or worse than in similar laptops. The 500GB hard drive has adequate space for most uses, and to give you an example it can hold 100s of movies or ten times more smaller files, like images and mp3s. For speed I can’t promise too much – the 5400RPM tends to be sluggish, at least if you compare to solid state drives. The price must of course be taken into account here. And for the money, I can’t really complain.

HP 15-f004wm’s non-touch display has 15.6″ diagonal and 1366×768 resolution. As you can see, there’s not much to brag about. For everyday use it goes, but professionals probably long for a Full HD screen – which for this price is impossible.

Operating system in this model is Windows 8.1, the 64-bit version.

Gaming notes

Law of nature: A cheap laptop can’t be a good gaming rig. Indeed, this model sports Intel HD (Bay Trail) responsible for the graphics. You might’ve heard about subpar gaming performance of these Intel’s integrated graphics chips. Together with the Celeron processor, this model would choke on all the heavy 2013-2014 titles, including Battlefield 4. Some lighter titles, like Fifa 14 should work on bare minimum settings. Minecraft would have frame rates around 15 (rather unplayable) and CS:GO around 30 (playable) with eye candy and resolution turned low.


HP 15-f004wm has, to my surprise, two USB 3.0 ports instead of one. In addition, there’s also one USB 2.0 available. HDMI output can be used to connect this laptop to a HD television or other appropriate monitor.

Accessing Internet can be done with the 10/100Mbps Ethernet port or WiFi adapter. The latter has no Bluetooth support.

A basic DVD burner and SD card reader are installed on this HP. So is a webcam, although with mere VGA (640×480) resolution.

Something else to keep in mind?

The HP’s weight of 5.05 pounds can be characterized as average among 15.6″ laptops. There’s a 3-cell battery that should give around 3-4 life to the computer. Alas, portability isn’t one of its strong sides.

Common to a 15.6 incher the non-backlit keyboard has a 10-key numeric pad on the right hand side.

Some bloatware from HP is pre-installed. Getting rid of this nuisance is easy through Uninstall a program feature in Control Panel.

Final thoughts

HP 15-f004wm is surely a wallet-friendly laptop. It offers performance good for home and small office users needing basic functionality, such as MS Office work, browsing the web and streaming videos off YouTube. However, reading the comments from people who brought this item showed the laptop has problems with audio. It was not only one but at least two people who said the same. So, I don’t know if this model is faulty or what, but I dare not to truly recommend it – at least if you want to have great sounds. In this case, you might want to look at something better that costs the same.

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