HP 15-d083nr Review

January 13, 2015
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HP 15-d083nr is a notebook with at least one distinctive feature: the touchscreen. Some like it a lot while some couldn’t care less. Which lot do you belong to? Well, that’s not really the most essential question: Also performance and other features of this HP must be considered. So let’s see what this HP laptop could offer to you.

The performance

The Intel Core i3-3110M processor runs HP 15-d083nr. It’s a dual core CPU with solid 2.4GHz clock rate, although the CPU was released already in 2012. This shouldn’t matter to most users, since i3s – no matter their age – are capable for basic and many advanced software, including multitasking and Netflix. The processor also integrates Intel HD Graphics 4000 which is the cookie-cutter graphics card good for some low-level gaming.

A 4GB DDR3L (one DIMM) memory is installed in the HP. It seems a fair amount for a budget notebook. The motherboard has one free memory slot, so upgrading the RAM at least to 8GB is possible.

The hard drive doesn’t really surprise me. It’s (also) a cookie cutter one with 500GB storage and 5400RPM speed. In general, it works fine for most uses. Half a terabyte can host hundreds of movies and games, so storage itself should be adequate. The speed of 5400RPM can’t really be praised, but if you’re after excellent read/write rates consider replacing the hard drive for an SSD.

Display and graphics

So, HP 15-d083nr has a touch display. It’s 15.6″ big and comes with an average resolution of 1366×768. Because Windows 8 has a well-functioning touch support, also this screen should work seamlessly with it. One thing to complain about is my pet peeve, the resolution. It’s not a Full HD so techies and entertainment zealots should be wary. Price of the laptop of course dictates the resolution, and for a 400 bucks notebook 1366×768 is indeed the most common one.

Intel HD Graphics 4000 is probably one of the most used chips – often without the user really having a choice. It comes integrated in many Intel low-mid range processors, and the chip can be characterized as old games friendly engine. Newer titles, such as Watch Dogs and Battlefield 4 might reach 25-30FPS if you kept settings low, but I would still predict lag for those heavyweight games. However, if you enjoy lighter games, like Minecraft or the old favorite World of Warcraft, you should experience only smooth gaming sessions.


Three USB ports are available on HP 15-d083nr for your peripherals. The usual setup goes also here: two USB 2.0, one USB 3.0. Unlike many budget HPs I’ve seen, this model sports both VGA and HDMI outputs. If you’re planning to use the laptop with a bigger external monitor you’ll have no compatibility issues.

A 100Mbps Ethernet port and 1×1 WiFi adapter are the options for networking. The wireless card has also a built-in support for Bluetooth.

DVD writer is installed in this model, letting you to play with CDs and DVDs. The SD media card reader can be used for photo transferring from a digital camera or as an impromptu extra storage.

The typical front-facing, high-definition webcam of HP’s is available on top of the screen.

Something else to consider?

I can’t really give any points for the weight. It’s 6.07 pounds, more than your average 15″ laptop has. The 4-cell battery isn’t anything special either, although gives the typical 3-4 hours running time on a single charge.

To my knowledge, the keyboard of HP 15-d083nr is not backlit. It still has a 10-key numpad on the right hand side – good if you require an effortless access to number keys very often.

There’s no budget laptop without bloatware. This one comes with HP’s “utility” programs, which of course can be uninstalled without too much effort. That said, a 30-day trial for McAfee LiveSafe program is a good one, particularly if you don’t have an ongoing subscription for any better anti-virus software.

In conclusion

HP 15-d083nr is a solid but affordable laptop, at least on paper. Its strong sides include touchscreen and an appropriate performance for (at least) everyday computing and casual gaming. Connectivity can also be noted as an advantage: the legacy VGA port and Bluetooth support might come handy to many. Bad things would include rather heavy weight and only average battery life, contributing to somewhat reduced portability. But if that doesn’t concern you, there are only good things I can think about this notebook at a glance.

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