HP 15-ba040nr Notebook Review

October 21, 2016
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HP 15-ba040nr has already attained some popularity, and the average review is more likely to be positive than negative. Hence, there must be something good about this laptop. Is it the price that’s rather affordable, or the specs that are good for everyday computing? My professional opinion on that will be revealed below!

The good

The price-performance ratio of HP 15-ba040nr is decent. For the price, the AMD A10-9600P processor works, it giving you four cores and 2.3GHz clock speed (and even 3.2GHz turbo). Of course it’s not a beast, you can compare it to 3rd generation Core i5 processors from 2013. In addition, one 8GB stick of DDR3L memory is provided and as far as I know, it’s also the maximum you’ll get on this.

The neutral

Storage drive isn’t fantastic, just a 1TB hard drive offering 5400RPM spindle speed. It’s understandable for this kind of machine to include one, because a lot of storage space is offered. However what is not offered is great performance – you might want to consider the swap to SSD if you’re really after a snappy notebook.

You’ll find a CD/DVD burner on HP 15-ba040nr and SD card slot as well. If you don’t know what the latter is, it’s the reader for those stamp sized memory cards used in digital cameras and similar to save photos etc.

The amount of USB ports is standard, three. One is USB 3.0 and two are USB 2.0. Naturally there’s also HDMI-out which is used to plug in an external monitor.

Connect this laptop to Internet with the 100Mbps RJ-45 port or the 802.11bgn WiFi adapter – it supports Bluetooth 4.0 as well.

Monitor is as expected, a 15.6-inch touch screen with 1366×768 maximum resolution. It also features a webcam embedded in the top bezel, you can very well use it for Skype video chats.

The device has no backlit keyboard, but the laptops in this price category many times don’t.

Manufacturer says the battery will last for 5.5 hours, but I’d expect less, ca. 4 hours in real life. It’s a 3-cell 31Whr unit, so not the beefiest one around.

The bad

Graphics are integrated on HP 15-ba040nr, so this unit hardly works for gaming. It’s the Radeon R5 inside, for games with fancy graphics it’s too slow – those being Crysis 3, The Witcher 3 and the like. Grand Theft Auto 5 you can probably play on low settings but not with much eye candy on. There is no way to install dedicated graphics on this laptop.


A person who wants to get a decent laptop for home, office or student use would be satisfied with HP 15-ba040nr. There is sufficient “oomph” inside to get you through a day of surfing, text editing and emails, although you still need to plug the unit in to power socket – the battery doesn’t last a whole day. Another thing you need to remember is the poor gaming performance. If you accept all this, then by all means check this HP out!

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