HP 15-BA009DX Budget Notebook Review

December 1, 2016
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Notebooks like HP 15-BA009DX are always in demand. There are a lot of people that don’t need a fancy laptop – rather a budget one will suffice for them. Inside this HP you will find all the necessary components to get you started. But are they really that good? Let’s try to find that out!

General performance

The first thing to remember about HP 15-BA009DX, its processor is the AMD A6-7310. Its most essential features are four cores, 2.0GHz clock speed and 2.4GHz turbo. You might not know how fast it really is, so let me tell you it’s comparable to Intel Core i3s processors from the 4th generation. So, the AMD doesn’t lend a lot of power for you, but for day-to-day use such a CPU is enough.

It happens so that the notebook contains 4GB RAM, the DDR3L 1600MHz type. I would say that any home user is fine with that, but if you’re dealing a lot with more exotic programs you need more. The current memory is installed on one stick, however I’m not sure if there are extra slots. At least you can upgrade the 4GB stick to 8GB if you want.

Surprise surprise, the storage is handled by a 500GB hard drive spinning at 5400RPM rate. So no great performance in that section. That said, for many, there’s nothing wrong with such a drive as it can hold around 100000 JPEG-quality photos. Upgrading it is possible if you know how.

Does it work for gaming?

I’m afraid HP 15-BA009DX doesn’t work great for gaming. The graphics engine, Radeon R4, is quite a disappointment – it’s slower than most Intel HD graphics units. You’re out of luck with games like GTA 5, Far Cry 4 and Battlefield 4, those will have FPS below 20 even if you use minimum settings and resolution. But throw less-demanding ones like Minecraft or League of Legends in and all is good.

Ports and connections

A budget laptop like HP 15-BA009DX won’t have great connectivity but all the basics are there. You’ll find one USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports at your disposal, to them you can hook up USB mouse or drive, for example. If you got a PC display or HDTV lying around that can be connected to the HDMI output on this laptop.

I wouldn’t get too excited about the networking options, however they should be all a casual user needs: a 802.11bgn WiFi adapter and 100Mbps (no Gigabit!) RJ-45 port. Bluetooth isn’t supported.

Despite it being cheap the HP has a DVD burner. Likewise, SD card slot is included, accepting memory cards.

Miscellaneous yet important things

Nothing special can be said about the screen, a 15.6″ display with 1366×768 resolution it is. It’s not touch sensitive but for Windows 10 that shouldn’t matter a lot. The VGA webcam on top captures acceptable level video.

The unit comes with 3-cell 31Whr battery and users say it lasts 4-5 hours on light use. The battery can also be replaced if you want a beefier one.

The keyboard does not have backlight support.

Summing it up

There are not many notebooks that cost less than HP 15-BA009DX, that must be said. You’ll find basic-level performance in this budget laptop, very sufficient for your time used for web browsing or editing documents. The HP makes a good home or family laptop, however gamers and power users should definitely look elsewhere. In case you value affordable price and simplicity over first class performance this HP should do the trick for you!

2 thoughts on “HP 15-BA009DX Budget Notebook Review

  1. Gw Grigg

    Standard memory is 4gb in 1 of 2 slots. Expandable to 16gb max. The addition of a 4gb DDR3L memory make this a very inexpensive, lightweight system for basic use, which applies so a huuuuge bunch of people like my mother – people that in reality just surf the internet, use email, write letters, look at their pictures and play basic non-3D games. The biggest downfall is lack of Bluetooth. Other than the lack of bluetooth the price point can’t be beat for a 15.6inch laptop.


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